8 Best Wet Grinder In India (2021)

Best Wet Grinder In India

Looking for the Best Wet Grinder In India?

A wet grinder is a machine that is used to paste or grind food, using a set of stones, just like what happens in mortar pestles. Although this product has been in the market for the last six to seven decades, it gained popularity only recently, all thanks to Gen Z.

With less time and busy life and an aversion for strenuous activities made this wet grinder an excellent alternative to the ancient mortar pestle.

It helps in readily making batters as well as kneading the dough, mechanically so that it does not take up your time. Moreover, it has been in use for scraping the coconuts using the additional grinding tool given with the product, as manually scraping is a tedious job.

Also, it might hurt you, and it leaves coconut of the device too, which requires to be cleaned separately. So why not go for some lesser hardworking option?

One might think, why use a wet grinder for batter making purposes, when a mixer is working just fine for the same? Well, there is where you are wrong, like the saying goes “Pahle istemal kare, Fir Vishwas Kare”, same to you, dear buyer, there is a difference. 

Food ingredients which are eaten daily in an Indian household, like poppy seeds paste, rice paste for idli/ dosa/ appam, or different masalas are easily grinded in the mixer, but you must have noticed it lacked consistency, which can be improved using a wet grinder and also the stones give an earthy flavour to the paste making it more delicious. 

With time there have been many developments in machine, there have been many innovations and all, but what remains the same is that, it is still doing justice to it’s godfather, the mortar pestle. You still can taste those authentic and coarse flavours which you would have tasted during your childhood at your grandparent’s place.

This wet grinder is a development of compilation of the technologies of a mixer and an electric flour mill. What’s more important in today’s date is that it offers hands-free operation. 

Also if you have a party, you need to serve a large number of guests with Indian food, this is here to help, because of its larger capacity, it can easily grind the masalas and chutney in large amounts.

There are some things that are to be kept in mind, along with the below mentioned parameters, are that, see to it that it is helping in faster and efficient grinding of the ingredients, cause if it’s not, why buy? Also check the quality of batter it produces on grinding, like if it is producing smooth batter with some coarse grains in it or not, if that’s what you prefer.

Again, look into the matter, that operating it for a longer time will not be of any problem and it can be used for grinding a larger amount of ingredients. And the most important one is that it can maintain the original and general taste of the grains like you wouldn’t want to have that slight tangy effervescence in that idli batter. 

The basic type of wet grinders are available in two types: table top wet grinder and tilting type wet grinder. Although, this article mainly revolves around table top wet grinder.

So to help you choose, we bring you the 8 Best Wet Grinder In India, to make your choice easier.

Top 8 Best Wet Grinder In India

1. Elgi Ultra Dura+ Wet Grinder, 1.25L:

The company, although not leaving a big mark in any other product field, is very popular in the field of wet grinder. Being one of the best brands for wet grinder, makes it the first choice of a lot of people. What makes this product more attractive is it’s affordability although having so many great features. It’s two important features are it’s multi-skill ability and very easy to use.

The ABS( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) body makes it a light yet very durable wet grinder.

Also, the stainless steel covering used does not rust easily and can be used for longer periods. Like due to this feature that it has it is the Best Wet Grinder In India that you can get for the price range.

Grinder being 1.25L capacity is very efficient for a family of 2-3, which is the case for all secular families, nowadays. It can be used for grinding for idli/dosa batter, along with kneading dough and scappring of coconuts.

This machine comes with a 150W power motor for more perfect grinding. It can grind dal or rice with proper fermentation that was not possible on a normal mixer, just within 30 minutes.

With its patented conical stones, the grinding does not generate heat and neither does effects the taste. This machine provides noiseless and vibration free grinding of the batter. Also it comes with a batter remover for easier removal of the batter from the drum as wella s the conical stones, which helps in better cleaning.

And it comes with 5 years of warranty as well.


  • Conical grinding stones for better texture of the batter
  • Easy to clean as the batter remover is provided.
  • Very easy to use
  • Does not alter the change of the batter while grinding
  • Comes with a powerful motor of 150W
  • Noiseless and vibration-less grinding
  • Good quality drum material as well as outer cover is provided.
  • Has multipurpose uses


  • A bit costly, as additional features are provided
  • There has been complained about poor customer service

2. Butterfly Hippo Table-Top Wet Grinder 2L: Best Wet Grinder In India

The butterfly is one of the popular brands in the kitchen appliances market and the most popular brand in wet grinders. Its most attractive feature is it’s eye-catchy cherry color. 

It comes with a detachable stainless steel drum, making it easier to clean as all the parts can be separated and used. The best part is that it comes with two stones, are positioned and movements are in such a way that it provides “four-way grinding”.

This four-way , 2L grinder is almost a must in the south Indian homes where idlis and dosas are the chief diet. It works perfectly fine while grinding rice or any lentils.

With the motor 150W with 3000 rotation per minute, provides uniform grinding of all the batter. Also the detachable drum can be used for storing the batter. Also the heavy duty motor sees to it that the stones don’t heat up during grinding, providing no change in taste of the batter.

It also comes with an ABS body, providing fine material for the drum, and it’s main attraction can be said to be the transparent polycarbonate material.

Also it comes with a 2 years warranty on the product and the motor.


  • It gives extra aestheticity to the kitchen, due to its cherry .colour
  • Comes with innovative four-way grinding technology with two cylindrical stones.
  • This 2L wet grinder is perfect for a small family.
  • The stones don’t heat up on grinding because of it’s powerful motor with 150W capacity.
  • It provides good performance with a low noise process.
  • It has multi-purpose uses, with additional kneading of dough and scraping of coconut.
  • And the drum can be used afterwards for storing the batter


  • The machine is bit on the heavier side, due to it’s heavier stones 
  • Also it is on the bit costlier side, in comparison to the similar products

3. Bajaj WX1 230-Watt Table Top Wet Grinder (White)

It is one of the most affordable wet grinders with it’s type of feature, form the house of Bajaj, which has been a must-have in all indian kitchens.

With a 150W sturdy motor, it provides faster grinding. It is made of Ss202 stainless steel drum, and rust proof body, which ensures the long-life of the wet grinder. With it’s sturdy motor, roller stones and cylindrical stones ensure swift, even and perfect bottom grinding.

This wet grinder is of 2L capacity which is enough for a small family of 3-4 members. It comes with a top lock, which provides extra pressure to the roller stones for better grinding.

The grinder comes with on/off indicator lights that lets you know about the power supply to the wet grinder.

This product comes with a 5 years guarantee from Bajaj , which has always proven to be a trustable brand in kitchen appliances.


  • 150W durable and sturdy motor, for good performance
  • Stainless steel drum for rust free and long life of the wet grinder
  • Better bottom grinding because of the top lock to give even batter throughout.
  • It has super clean surface
  • Comes with batter removal spatula for better cleaning
  • Also it is very easy to use.
  • All the materials used in it’s manufacturing are of high quality


  • It is on the heavier size
  • It is not multi-functional as it can’t be used for kneading dough or scraping of coconuts.

4. Panasonic MK-GW200 Super Wet Grinder:

The brand needs no introduction. This has some or the other of it’s kitchen appliances in our kitchens.

It’s fitting design is suitable for your wet grinder manufactured for delivering high-quality performance. It uses stainless steel which is rust proof and hence better life of the product. 

It comes with light-weight but effective grinding stones, also it has three grinding speeds which can be changed manually. It has an inlet transparent lid, which allows you to put things in when already in use. It comes with an anti-speed HTD belt causing lower friction and lesser noise too. The main body is made of ABS plastic which lasts for many years through all the wears and tears.

The placement of the stones in the dums, makes it last long. And the transparent lid helps in having a spillage-less procedure with a continuous observation of the proceeding. This transparent comes with interlocking safety locks.

Also there are air vents in the side to maintain proper circulation of temperature and to prevent heating while grinding.

Also it comes with a timer which can be set till 45 minutes, thus it gives you a total hands free experience .

The 240W motor provides better grinding as well as lesser time for completion of the grinding. 

The drum is of 2L capacity which is rough for commercial as well as to be used for a small family. It comes with additional batter remover and a measuring cup.

Prestige provides 5 years warranty on the motor and 2 years warranty on other parts.


  • This 2L drum is sufficient for all sized family
  • Comes with digital timer, helps you other work while it grinds on it’s own
  • Also it has three different grinding speeds for your choice of extent of grinding
  • It comes with body cooling ventilation
  • Anti-speed HTD belts for more smoother experience 
  • Good motor power to obtain better grinding
  • Transparent lid with inlet for adding and safety locks
  • 3D Alpha flow technology enhances efficiency, without heating the stones


  • It does not come with additional feature for kneading of dough and scraping of coconuts
  • It is quite expensive 
  • Also the removal of the batter is more laborious as the drum is not detachable 
  • It makes some noise too

5. Sowrna Lakshmi Wet Grinders, 150W:

This brand’s wet grinder is mainly used for commercial purposes ,like in commercial kitchens like restaurants, hotels etc. It’s main attraction is it’s cherry color.

It’s very strong and endurability is the reason why professional chef’s prefer this product from the brand.

It comes with a 2 L stainless steel drum, which is effective to be used by small families of three- four person and to be used commercially as well. 

It comes with a transparent lid for observing the proceeding without any spillage. It makes a lot of less noise in comparison to other such products.

Also, operating this machine is very easy and hassle-free.

This product comes with an additional overload protector and it can be used for kneading dough and scraping coconuts along with grinding.

It has a motor of 230W for better performance during grinding. Comes with two cylindrical stones and one at the bottom of the drum for better and smoother grinding.


  • It has stainless steel drum for rust free and better life of the product
  • Comes with a transparent lid
  • It can even be used for grinding small items like garlic and ginger
  • Can be used by both small families as well as commercial kitchens
  • It has multi-functional uses.
  • It comes with a motor overload protector
  • Batter removal spatula for beer cleaning and hygiene 
  • It has a high performance motor and strong outer body build for heavy use.
  •  Detachable stainless steel drum 


  • It comes with just one year guarantee
  • Smoothness of the batter can’t be controlled
  • Heats up the batter while grinding

6. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08: Best Wet Grinder In India

Prestige is one of the leading kitchen appliances manufacturers in India. This is a table-top design wet grinder and compact in nature. It is a very versatile product. With grinding it kneads the dough as well as efficiently for scraping coconuts.

This machine is known for making near to no sound while working, thus getting the name, silent performer. It’s noise is reduced because of the proper alignment of the roller stones, which does not make sound even at higher speeds.

The innovative design of the grinding stones give more area of contact for better grinding of the batter. Also the efficient and heavy duty 200W motor makes it a star in grinding.

The design and the placements of the roller stones increases the lifespan of the stones. It comes with a stainless steel drum which provides rust free and longer life to the product and has a transparent lid, which adds to its beauty. It also has an air vent to minimise the heating during grinding.

The 2L capacity of the drum makes it perfect to be used in a small family as well as commercially.


  • It provides both good performance and looks good with it’s compact table top design
  • Stainless steel drum for better life 
  • The innovative placement of stones provide smoother grinding
  • The air ventilators help maintain the temperature and prevents heating during grinding
  • Has multi-purpose uses.


  • Does not have detachable drums, making it difficult for transferring the batter and cleaning of the drum 
  • It is more costly than it’s familiar features product
  • It makes noise while using a smaller amount or part of ingredients.

7. PREMIER Table Top Wet Grinder, 95W:

The first and foremost wondrous thing about this wet grinder is its size and shape. This table top wet grinder is compact in size and can be fitted in small spaces , along with the advantage of being portable. 

This brand has been known for its performance, durability and quality. 

Although being small in size, it can grind upto 1.5L in capacity. It might look simple but don’t judge it by it’s looks, it comes with all features of any other bigger wet grinders in the market. It also has two roller stones that grind with the help of the base stone. It has stainless steel drum which is rust proof and provides longevity to the product. 

What’s more is that, this has three different speed settings, i.e. you can get your desired extent of smoothness or coarseness in the product. Although, it is appreciable if the high speed grinding is not used for too long, on this device. This gear- based 95W motor is useful for effective and longer functioning of the product. 

Although it is compact and portable, it weighs quite much, around 25Kgs.

And in comparison to other wet grinders, the outer body of this is made from stainless steel too.


  • Easiness in cleaning and simplicity in using makes it a fantastic product
  • Also having three speed setting gives it a clear road for getting your desired extent of grinding
  • The drum and the body both are made of stainless steel ,giving it a longer lifespan.
  • It is easy to use and maintain.
  • The motor uses 75W motor , which is quite efficient in grinding 
  • It is compact in size and can’t be kept in smaller areas too.
  • Efficient and light-weight stones


  • Very heavy weight, nearing about 25Kgs
  • The storage capacity is less compared to others
  • The dough kneader and coconut scraper are not sold with it, they need to be bought separately.
  • Cleaning of the drum is difficult as it is not detachable.

8. Wonderchef Maxima 150-Watt Wet Grinder: Best Wet Grinder In India

This table top wet grinder is providing internationally acclaimed branded kitchen appliances in India. This brand has always been known for their different unique and wondrous designs, which can be pretty known from their catchy purple color merchandise. 

This is compact in size and requires less countertop area and can be fitted in a small area too.

The drum is made of stainless steel which gives it rust proof and longer life, while the outer body is made from ABS plastic, which ensures long life of the product. 

There are two cylindrical rolling stones that turn on a base stone. It comes with a top lock, which helps in keeping the stone assembly in place and this also provides pressure on the stones for smoother grinding of the batter.

It also comes with three different types of grinding units for different purposes, i.e additional dough kneader and coconut scraper. Also, the coconut scraper provided can be used manually too and is easy to clean.

But while using the grinder’s kneading action, it should be made sure that the inner surface is oiled first. It comes with a transparent lid, which allows a thorough experience of what’s going on inside without opening the lid.

The heavy weight 150W motor with 960 rotation per minute provides efficient grinding action.

It comes with a 1 year warranty on motor and 2 years warranty on other parts. It is quite light-weight with around 13 Kgs.


  • Quite light weight in comparison to other wet grinders in the market
  • It’s compact size makes it helpful for accommodating in tight kitchen spaces and easy to store too
  • It comes with three different sized, different functional grinders.
  • It has the capacity of 2L which is useful for a small family as well as commercial use .
  • The stainless steel drum, makes it more durable for longer time
  • Multi-purpose use, with extra kneading and scraping grinding solutions
  • The top provides for pressure to the roller stones to provide us with better and smoother batter.
  • It is a lot cheaper in comparison to other subordinate products.


  • There is no mention of air ventilation, so it might heat the batter while grinding
  • The drum is not detachable thus, it is not easy to clean and transfer the batter.
  • Comes with only one year warranty on the motor.

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Buying Guide To Get Best Wet Grinder In India

1. Capacity

The capacity of the wet grinders varies from 1 to 10 Litres. All these are available in the market, but what’s important is to know which size will be beneficial for you and your family. For small families with three to four members, it’s preferable to buy the 2 L one. But, if the number of people is more than 4, then a larger one can be used.

Another important factor for the choice of capacity is the occasion for which it is to be used. Also, if it’s for professional use, it’s better to go for the larger ones.

2. The stones

They are one of the important parts of this wet grinder. The extent and the way of grinding mainly depends upon these stones. The stones are offered in conical and cylindrical shapes, with the conical ones producing better smoothness and consistency to the batter.

There might be one, two or three stones present in the product, depending upon the brand and the model. It has been seen that greater is the number of stones, better product is obtained.

The stones come in varying sizes too. The greater is the number of the stones, faster is the grinding process. For domestic use, a wet grinder with two stones should be sufficient. The regular ones have one stone whereas the tabletop has more than one stone for grinding.

Also the placement of the stones in the drums are equally important. As it governs the movement of the stones for grinding. 

3. The motor

It is the most important part, as any machinery functioning with electricity requires a motor to make it work. In this case too, the entire grinding operation depends on the strength of the motor.

The higher is its power, i.e wattage, faster it will perform the action. The average wet grinder has 750W, which is sufficient for grinding batters. Although, the motor providing a higher number of rotation per minute is more appropriate. The one that comes with higher wattage although has better performance but it does consume more energy.

4. The material used in drums

The drums are available in a lot of materials, but the stainless steel one is better. They have longer lives, i.e. It has better durability and also it provides better hygiene. 

The stone at the bottom of the drum, enables better grinding of the batter.

The detachable drums can be considered better, as they can be taken out and cleaned, also in this case all the parts can be separated and cleaned, thus maintaining better hygiene. 

Apart from these factors, what’s important is, if paying a tad bit more amount , you are getting a multi tasking wet grinder which not only grinds the batter for your dishes, but also helps in kneading doughs and scraping coconuts, which save us from a lot of physical efforts.

You just put the grain, water, oil in it and enjoy the prepared dough. Also, scrapping a coconut is a very tedious job, which can be made easier with a multi-tasker wet grinder. So, if the budget permits, it’s better to go for the pricey one with additional features.

And also, if it comes with a digital timer, as it will help you to set the time for the grinding operation to take place, and after it’s done it will automatically switch off, making it easier for busy people.


We come across a lot of products everyday. None of them are the perfect one, with all the features that are looking for. Some of them have a very catchy outer look, which will look good in your kitchen, while others have better operations and output but not very good outlook to it.

While buying any product it is better to look out for additional features, as all the product does the basic job more or less the same, so it’s the additional feature within a respectable extra amount, is what makes the difference.

Elgi Ultra Dura+ Wet Grinder, 1.25L, this model has to get the best of the best position, mainly because of it’s different shaped stones,(which the company has patented), cause why not?

They are extremely useful, with those conical roller stones, it produces smooth batter, along with no generation of heat, whereas in other products, separate air-ventilation techniques are to be involved. This helps in remaining true to the original taste as it would have been obtained from an authentic mortar pestle. 

Also it comes with additional kneading of doughs and scraping of coconuts facility, which is definitely a good add on, if one is paying extra for it. Moreover, the detachable drum makes it easier for cleaning as well as storing the batter.

It’s 150W powerful motor, lessens the time for grinding and gives an effective grinded product. The 1.25 L capacity is feasible for a small family and also it comes with the trust and quality of ELGI. Moreover, it comes with a 5 years warranty, which is pretty cool too.

These were our opinions and observations. Which one did you like the most, and what other defects or benefits have you observed, do let us know.

And in the meantime, enjoy your food just like your grandparents did!

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