10 Best TV Under 30000 In India (2021)

Best TV Under 30000

Are you looking for Best TV Under 30000? Then you are in the right place as we will be telling you what is the Best TV Under 30000 that you can get in 2020 for your home entertainment setup.

TV or Television has become a necessity for most people. We all like to spend a nice afternoon watching Netflix or Amazon and chilling with popcorn and our pets.

Or the TV could also bring together an entire family and you with your family can spend the time watching something nice and enjoyable on the television. This can transform the TV into a theatre system and can help in the closeness of your family.

We know, that it might be a bit expensive purchasing those costly Television sets and will create a strain on your salary. However, we are here to prove your money does not equal quality.

So, we have compiled a list of the 10 Best TV Under 30000 that you can buy from the market without having to worry about your salary. 

10 Best TV Under 30000 (2021)

1. Mi 4X 50 inch Smart LED TV: Best Smart Tv Under 30000

Best Pick

Mi 4X 50 inch Smart TV

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MI has become popular among customers since the last decade. Their sales have increased and the LED TV of MI has a screen of 50 inches with some advanced features.  

This TV has a proper built-up which serves to improve the display of this TV. The bezels used in this TV is good and the display of the TV has provides proper angles for a good viewing experience and there is a sharp contrast in the display of the TV. 

The display of this TV has a quality of Ultra HD 4K and you can see all the objects in a detailed manner. The brightness is placed at a proper level and there is nice clarity provided on the TV.  

This is essentially a smart TV and there is a Wi-Fi system already present on this TV. There are some apps like Pathwall which ahs been upgraded form the previous Mi versions. Most of the apps like Prime Video and Netflix are already present on the TV.  

This smart TV also consists of Youtube and Hotstar. Now, you can easily search for various applications on this TV. There is also a Google Chrome available on this TV and you can even cast your phone on this TV. There is also a feature available to control the TV with merely your voice.  

The speakers present in this TV has an output of 20W that is supportive of the Dolby technology and produces audio of good quality. The TV ahs a good inside system with a processor that is the A53 processor and consists of a storage capacity of 2 GB of RAM and additional storage of 8 GB. There is present an HDMI port and USB port on the TV and you can use the Ethernet on the Tv.  

MI gives all it’s customers a warranty of 1 year on the entire TV and there is a warranty of 2 years on the display panel of the TV.


  • The TV supports all the Android apps. 
  • There are many ports for providing connectivity. 
  • The speakers on this TV are very powerful.


  • Some customers received a damaged product.
  • The customer service of MI is poor. 
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2. Kevin 55 inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart Android TV

Kevin TV
Best Overall Pick

Kevin 55 inch 4K LED TV

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Kevin provided some of the best TV’s and the screen has a size of 55 inches. The panel of the TV has a grade of A+ and the level of brightness is good and it also provides a nice level of sharpness on the TV.  

The display of the TV has a resolution quality of  4K Ultra HD with proper detailing to every object on the TV. The inside of the TV consists of proper quality and the bezels of the TV is very thin. The quality of this product has increased from the previous quality.  

The TV consists of an operating system of Android and you can enjoy nice entertainment on the TV. It also provides there HDMI ports and at least 2 USB ports. These ports of the TV allow you to connect laptops and pen drives to the TV. 

This TV also consists of two speakers which give you nice surrounding sound quality. There is a warranty of 1 year and the service centers present all across the world. So, this TV is reliable and good. 


  • The display screen of this TV is good. 
  • The TV consists of most of the good apps like Amazon Prime. 
  • The operating system of Android works properly on this TV.  


  • Some people have received a faulty product.
  • The installation service of this TV is poor.
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3. VU 50-inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV: Best Led Tv Under 30000

Best Runner Up Pick

VU 50-inch 4K Smart TV

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VU has been credited as one of the most popular and worthy brands that produce TV. The screen of this TV has a size of 50 inches and it is bright and colorful. 

The screen of this TV has a resolution quality of Ultra HD (4K) that provides an amazing viewing experience and the quality of the videos is proper and this TV can adapt to the different times of the day.

The design of this TV is good with a proper in-built system. The TV allows you to access all the apps easily only with one touch.   

The TV has some of the proper features of a smart TV like casting your phone on the screen of the TV and you can also use your mobile as a remote on this TV.

The audio of this TV is good and the speakers of this TV are the 24 W powerful speakers that allow a proper sound quality. The Dolby digital of this TV allows a nice movie watching experience.  

This LED  TV has ports available for 3 HDMI cables and 2 USB’s. This can help you with setting up the set-top box and connecting all sorts of gaming devices and laptops. This TV comes in an affordable range for you. 


  • The picture quality of this TV is good. 
  • The resolution of the screen is good and the picture quality is nice.
  • The speakers on the TV are good. 


  • Most of the products are faulty.
  • The side viewing angles of the TV is not very good. 
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4. iFFALCON TCL 49 inch Full HD LED Smart TV

iFFalcon TV
Affordable Smart TV

iFFALCON 49 inch Smart TV

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iFFALCON  Tv has a display screen of 49-inches and the screen has an HD resolution which provides a good contrast to the picture quality. There is a lot of brightness on the screen and you can have a proper viewing experience. 

This TV is a smart TV and the operating system of the TV is Android 8.0 and the app store prest in this TV is that of Google from which you can download a horde of applications. This TV consists of many built-in apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The audio quality of this TV is of a superior level. The TV consists of stereo speakers and the sound is provided by Dolby which provides a cinematic experience and allows you to stream a lot of movies and play various games. 

The TV consists of ports for 2 HDMI cables and one for a USB port. This allows you to connect your Xbox and laptops to the TV. It also consists of Google Assistant and controls the TV via voice commands. 

The TV is a good buy which is apt with the recent android features and provides a good display. 


  • The android system of this TV makes it a good buy. 
  • The feature of voice commanding works perfectly fine. 
  • The speaker quality is good. 


  • There is only one port available for USB.
  • Many customers have received damaged products.
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5. Thomson 50 inch 4K TV: Best 40 Inch Led Tv In India Under 30000

Thomson TV
Cheapest 4K TV

Thomson 50 inch 4K TV

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This TV has a size of 50 inches. The quality of this TV is of 4k and the color quality is proper which makes the images look sharp and pretty and it comes with thin bezels. 

The sound quality of this TV is good and the output delivery is 20 W. There are options for Movie and Music on the TV and you can select your choice. 

This TV is a smart TV which helps you to connect this TV to the Wi-Fi and most of the famous apps like Youtube are present on this TV and you also have the option to install more apps on your TV.

The interface of this TV provides you with a clean and there is no hanging or lagging of the TV.

This is a good buy among all the LED tv’s and it has various interesting features. 


  • The audio quality of this TV is good.
  • The TV consists of many interesting features.
  • The display screen of this TV is really good. 


  • The clarity of the voice is not very good.
  • Most of the features of this TV is not up to the mark. 
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6. Kodak 43 inch 4K LED Smart TV: Best 4k Tv Under 30000

Kodak TV
Affordable 4K TV

Kodak 43 inch 4K TV

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This TV from Kodak has a screen of 43 inches and the quality is 4K. The screen of the TV ahs a resolution of 4K ULTRA HD. There is proper clarity of the screen and it is detailed. It consists of HDR 10 that helps you watch various natural colors and help in proper viewing.  

The audio quality of this TV is 20 W and it consists of two speakers. They have a high volume which provides theatrical sound. The bass performance is good. There is an audio jack for external speakers. 

This is a Smart TV and you can use it for streaming various apps and install any new apps apart fro the already built-in apps which are Prime video or Netflix. You can easily navigate through the user interface.

This is one of the best TVs available in the market with interesting features.


  • The display screen is good.
  • The sound quality of the Tv is good. 
  • There is proper brightness on the screen. 


  • The after-sale service is not good.
  • The channels which are non-HD do not have a proper picture quality. 
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7. Mitashi 43 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV

Mitashi TV
Budget 4K TV

Mitashi 43 inch HD 4K TV

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This is one of the best TV’s brought out by Mitashi and the screen ahs a size of 43-inch with ultra HD 4K resolution that is 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD. There is more depth to the resolution. 

This is a Smart TV and many things can be streamed directly from the Wi-Fi. This helps you to establish connectivity with the app store of Google. Here, you can check all your social media account and even access SmartView. 

The TV has a music mode where you can hear all your favorite music tracks while the display is switched off. Thus the amount of power consumed is reduced.

The sound has an output of 20 W. There is an output for two HDMI  cables and 2 USB cables. This can help you establish a connection with your laptops or pen drives. 

This TV has a warranty for 3 years, which is exceptional. This TV is affordable and has all the features of TVs for expensive brands. 


  • The display of the screen is very bright. 
  • The resolution of the screen is really good. 
  • TV has very interesting features.


  • The design of the TV is not that attractive.
  • Some customers experienced a malfunctioning with the remote.
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8. TCL 50 inch 4K Smart LED TV: Best Smart Tv In India Under 30000

Best 4K TV

TCL 50 inch 4K Smart TV

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This is TV from TCL has a screen of 50-inch and is a 4K LED TV. The display of this TV provided has amazing colors and descriptive. The quality of the pictures is good. It consists of HDR Pro that helps in providing crisp and sparkling images that show both dark and light images properly.

The TV supports all kinds of HDMI and USB cables while giving you enhanced and dynamic images. This TV also consists of a Sports option in the settings related to pictures which help you watch the TV in a better manner. 

The sound quality of this TV is provided by two speakers that provide you 20W output. The Dolby feature of this TV helps you to experience better sounds and the voice is rich with the Dolby decoder.   

This TV is a Smart TV that has the Linux operating system. This helps you avail apps like YouTube and Netflix which re already installed on the TV. With the super-fast internet connection, you can watch and download any apps.  

There are 3 ports available for HDMI and two ports available for USB that helps in establishing connections with various types of external hardware devices. This is a good TV with a lot of facilities. 


  • The 4k Panel of this TV is amazing. 
  • The audio and sound quality is decent.
  • It has many amazing options that enhance the viewing experience. 


  • The after-sales service of TCL is good.
  • The option of downloading apps is very limited.
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9. Samsung 40 inch Full HD Smart LED TV: Best TV Under 30000

Samsung TV
Best Full HD TV

Samsung 40 inch LED TV

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Samsung is one of the best brands for electronic products. It provides you with products which re decent and has good quality. The size of the screen of this TV is 40 inches. The picture quality is amazing which has various angles from which it can be viewed.

The TV consists of many features like Micro dimming and Ultra Clean view that helps you to have images that have an amazing quality that consists of colors that look natural.  

The sound quality provided by this TV is amazing and clear. This has many different modes like personal co puter and screen mirroring, hence the name 7 in 1.  

This TV from Samsung has a technology which can help you provides a wide color to your TV. The color quality of the images is really good. This TV has two ports for HDMI and one port for USB. This helps to establish a connection with various external devices like USBs and laptops. 

This TV has a warranty for at least one year and the after-sales- service of Samsung is truly one of a kind. This is well-loaded Tv from Samsung and it is affordable. 


  • The servicing of the TV is no hassle. 
  • The benefit of Smart TV is amazing.
  • A horde of features is present on this TV. 


  • The app store is restricted to apps specialized by Samsung and does not contain many apps.
  • Some customers had problems with the installation unit. 
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10. Sanyo NXT 49 inch Full HD LED TV

Sanyo TV
Best Budget TV

Sanyo NXT Full HD LED TV

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This TV from Sanyo has a screen of 49 inches and the product has good quality. The TV has a design that is slim and the  HD resolution of this TV is good with the feature of IPS LED that provides you with pictures that have good quality. The price of the TV is affordable and you can easily buy this TV without worrying about quality. 

The TV consists of two good speakers that have an output of 20 W. The TV has ports for 3 HDMI cables and two ports for USB devices. So, connecting laptops and pen drives are easy and simple. The after-sales service for this Tv is provided by Pansonic so there is not much of a problem. 

Overall, this TV is cheap and can provide a viewing experience of good and proper quality.


  • This TV has a large size like a home theatre. 
  • The quality of the pictures of this TV is good and decent. 
  • The sound of the TV is good. 


  • The picture contrast is poor.
  • The plastic of this TV is of bad quality. 
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Buyer’s Guide: Best TV Under 30000

You need to go through these factors before purchasing a TV. These factors will help you in buying the appropriate TV for yourself.


The size of the screen should not be too big or too small and it should be following the size of the room. Otherwise, it will go against the décor of the room.


The resolution of the screen can be either 4D, HD, or 8K. Buy a screen that will have a decent picture quality and you will not have to strain your eyes.

  • HDR

This is a new feature available in most Ultra HD 4K TVs. This feature enhances the quality of the pictures and tries to buy a TV that has this feature.


Now, you know all about the Best TV Under 30000 and the things which you need to consider before buying a TV. We hope this article will help you make the correct purchase that will save your money and provide a quality product. 

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