4 Best Tv Under 25000 In 2021

Best Tv Under 25000

Searching for the BEST TV UNDER 25000?

With age old debate, whether a monitor is better or a TV, the latter is definitely winning, cause why not, bigger screen, better display, better audio and obviously much better sound, what more would you need?

But when you go out to buy a TV, there are so many options that you are bound to be astounded. With TVs getting newer technologies every day, it does get confusing. Also, you want to buy a TV, cause obviously you aren’t going to buy TV sets every day, you expect one to go for at least ten years. And you want to get a TV that uplifts your room decor’s standards. So the outer look Best Tv Under 25000 of the TV.

Best Tv Under 25000 In India

1. TCL 40 inch Full HD Smart Android TV:

This super affordable with so many features, Smart TV comes from TLC. It is a 40 inch TV with A+ grade panel.

The display pane has the resolution of 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels, i.e. it is a 40 inches Full HD TV, giving a pretty good display. But a lot of companies offer the same resolution for this screen size, so why does TLC stand out?

It is because it has a grade A+ display panel which ensures great panel color sharpness and accuracy. It also has IPQ engine technology which allows automatic correction of the color and the brightness inaccuracies, helping in having a true color experience.  

It also has micro dimming technology, which enhances the picture quality through color and contrast which is done by analyzing each frame of a video and optimizing the backlight of LED and video signal in real time.

These two additional technologies make this TLC TV to stand out and moreover it comes under Rs. 25000 .

It comes with two HDMI ports, one headphone jack, one USB port and one ethernet port.

It has quite good performance too, as it runs on a dual core processor. It has 1GB RAM and 8GB storage facility, thus providing a smooth performance. Playing smaller or lighter games on the TV is good too.

This TLC TV is an Android Smart TV. The Android TV is easier to use, which can support the entire play store apps. Also it has in-built chromecast, which helps you stream your shows and apps, effortlessly on the TV.

These TVs also come with 20W speakers, powered by Dolby. 

It has a refresh rate of 60)Hz with a viewing angle of 178 degree, and brightness of 320 Nits and contrast ratio of 5000:1. It comes with a year’s warranty.


  • The TV set comes with both IPQ technology and micro dimming technology.
  • Has smooth performance owing to its dual core processor , 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage.
  • It is an Android smart TV with playstore
  • It has multiple connectivity option including ethernet port as well
  • Its grade A+ display panel make the viewing experience very realistic
  • It is very affordable.


  • It comes with only one USB port
  • It has only a year’s warranty
  • The in-built speakers produce average quality sound.

2. TCL 43 inches AI 4K UHD Android Smart TV:

This smart TV is supported with Android Pie Operating System, and allows you to browse through all videos, music, games from any corner of the world. This 43 inches TCL TV comes with AI, which allows you to control your device just through your voice, giving you a truly hands-free experience.

It has 4K UHD display( 3860 pixels x 2160 pixels) and with a refresh rate of 60Hz gives an attractive viewing experience.

It comes with a variety of options of connectivity which includes two HDMI ports, one USB port to connect other devices. It also has in-built 20W speakers. 

Its Smart TV features are : 4K Android TV + HDR, Al-Google Assistant, Google Cast + T Cast, Bluetooth connectivity and Android 9

Also it uses micro dimming technology and its display panel is graded A+ just like the other TLC TV.

It has in-built chromecasting for smoother browsing through the apps as well as easier casting from any other device and enjoying the media on a big screen.

This Smart TV supports HDR10, for deeper blacks and also it can detect HLG signals giving an added use to display broader range of color and brightness. 


  • This TCL TV has 4K UHD resolution giving an impressive array of colors.
  • It comes with AI, giving a truly hand free experience.
  • It supports bluetooth and has other connectivity options such as HDMI and USB ports.
  • It has HLG, which starts with an SRD signal which the TV uses as an extra information for the HDR display providing more vivid colors.
  • It has micro dimming technology, that helps in separating colors and automatically adjusts the contrast and brightness
  • It has built-in chromecasting for smoother surfing and casting media from other devices


  • It comes with Patchwall OS
  • Has only one USB port
  • It does not allow downloading all apps, like other Android TV.

3. Mi 4A Pro LED TV:

Xiaomi although new to the Indian market, but surely has taken it by storm. You probably couldn’t’ find any electronic device, where they aren’t on the top. They provide good features at a much cheaper rate.

This Mi TV has a display panel of 43 inches with a Full HD (1920 pixels x 1080 pixels) resolution and is a 4K-enabled model. Its full HD display helps you feel the media in a more realistic way with more detailed images and attractive colors.

The Smart TV features in this Mi set includes: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Hotstar and many more are default apps of the set, along with Android 9( along with Mi’s own OS Patchwall) and Google assistant . It also has a data saver facility.

The connectivity options provided are three HDMI ports, three USB ports, one ethernet port, a headphone jack, one TV cable port and an audio in/out port.

What’s more is that it has a seventh generation Advanced Imagine Engine, which helps in reducing the image noise as well as helps in improving the color.

It also comes with in-built speakers with 20W output and five mode equalizer and in addition to that it has DTS HD technology, which some consider to be better than Dolby sound system.

In terms of performance, it is powered by Mi’s own Amlogic processor, which is actually a 64- bit quad- core processor , which is quite an accomplishment to be on a TV. It also has a 2 GB RAM along with it’s 8 GB internal storage. 

It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and the wall mounting is not included, that needs to be bought separately. And comes with a viewing angle of 178 degrees.

It comes with a one year warranty on the set with additional warranty on the panel.


  • There is an option to switch between the Android 9 and patchwall interface.
  • It has Advanced Imagine Engine, which provides better visuals
  • It has a powerful processor (64-bit quad- core processor, along with 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage) providing a smooth performance.
  • It comes with an extended warranty on it’s 10- bit panel


  •  Even with all the added features, the sound quality is not very good.
  • The experience of the Patchwall OS feels a bit unfinished.

4. Vu 43 inches UltraAndroid LED TV: Best Tv Under 25000

This brand which started in California and headquarters in India, not a very well known brand like others, but does not mean this TV is too. 

This UltraAndroid 43 inches LED TV focuses on two main things: best display and audio. Also it has A+ graded display panel.

This UltraAndroid TV comes with additional features like digital MPEG noise reduction and adaptive contrast features. Also it has PC mode and game mode.

This TV set comes with Full HD (1920 pixels x 1080 pixels) resolution makes the visuals more enthralling. It has a viewing angle of 178 degrees and has a contrast ratio of 10000:1 and it’s brightness goes up to 400 Nits. 

Also it’s Hi- End processor helps power the picture resolution without any problems.

This Smart TV has features like Official Android 9, Google Play store, Google Games, Google Ecosystem ( Movies, TV, Games,Music) and also comes with in-built chormecasting and Bluetooth 5.0 .

The connectivity options available in the set include two HDMI ports, two USB ports, an ethernet port and has bluetooth connectivity available too.

 It also comes with 24W speakers, which is supported and tuned by both Dolby sound system and DTS studio sound.

Also it comes with a year’s warranty.


  • The sound system is tuned by both Dolby sound system and DTS studio sound
  • The adaptive contrast and digital MPEG noise reduction are extra features
  • Comes with two HDMI and two USB ports and has bluetooth as well as ethernet connectivity options
  • The final display is good with all the contrast ratio , brightness and viewing angles also it’s Pixelium glass technology increases the light reflectivity to 40%.
  • Has access to google apps and comes with default apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos etc.


  • The built could have been better
  • It has lower quality of deeper blacks
  • It has been seen that the performance with SD content is not very good.

Buying Guide TO Best Tv Under 25000

TV features to check out before buying BEST TV UNDER 25000, that fits your requirements.


This is the feature of the TV that determines a lot of other factors, like contrast, glare and also the viewing angles. Some of the popular display types are:

  1. LCD- Even now you might possibly find those CRT monitors today, especially in those TV repairing shops. It is true that LCDs are the successor to the CRT TVs. LCD brought a revolution to the TV world and made the sets a lot less bulkier. LCD TV uses CCFL Backlighting which is affordable but a lot more energy consuming. These LCD sets are majorly overtaken by the LED TVs.
  2. LED- These types of displays are the most common ones. They generally use back-lit or edge-lit LEDs to generate high display quality. LED TVs are generally thin and are perfect for daytime viewing and they are cheaper ones of the lot.
  3. QLED- Quantum dot LEDs use quantum dots to produce superior brightness and color range. These displays are better to LEDs as they have better brightness levels, more vibrant colors and better picture quality. They are more expensive than the LED ones.
  4. OLED- Organic Light Emitting Diode TV sets are extremely slim, even slimmer than LED TVs. They have much better contrast ratio in comparison to even the best LED TV. They are the higher ranging TV sets.

The deeper the black levels, the better is the contrast, and the better is the contrast, the superior is the picture quality. Also it is just the black depth, it is also the clearity in the black, and OLED leads the races way in front of others.

OLEDs can be thin like a credit card.


The proper screen size gives you the best possible viewing experience. There are a lot of TV sizes available nowadays and it has become increasingly difficult to choose the correct ones for oneself. The best TV screen size can only be obtained, when you know where your TV is to be placed i.e. in the bedroom, living room, etc. The right screen size and the viewing distance, gives the best possible viewing. The best possible screen size can be determined by distance between you and the screen divided by 1.6 ,


The number of times the set refreshes the image on the screen in one second is known as the refresh rate. Just like in case of monitors, higher refresh rates are better in case of TV sets too, better is the refresh rates better will be your experience of gaming as well as a soulful experience while watching a fast-paced movie.


The features on a smart TV includes, options of internet connectivity, has its own OS, and offers smooth internet browsing and live video streaming. The choice to buy or not to buy a smart TV depends on the features provided and their usage under a given price range.

  1. OS( Android TV)- This feature of smart TV supports a wide variety of apps and lets you shop and browse online.
  2. Remote and Navigation- This type helps you navigate easily and also has a good mix of hot keys.
  3. RAM processor storage- RAM with high processor speed, helps in faster and smoother app browsing.
  4. Phone mirroring and Casting- This feature provides the option of casting the game or the movie, from your mobile/laptop to TV, allows making video calls too.
  5. Sound – It’s better to get soundbars for your extra slim TV, as their in built speaker quality is pretty average.

The higher is the resolution on the TV, the sharper and the livelier are the images on display. Simply put, you get better viewing experience with higher screen resolution.

  1. HD- It is 1280 pixels x 780 pixels. This option is good for those who are a bit tight on budget and are looking for a good display.
  2. Full HD- It is 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels. If you have a cost- effective budget, this is the option you should go for.
  3. 4K UHD- It is 3840 pixels x 2160 pixels. It is the king in the society of screen resolution. You get screens that are four times sharper than any other HD variant. And this sharper display comes with a lot higher price.

As we all know, the speakers inside the 4K TV sets are pretty average, even the speakers of the TV that came with the old tabletop TV set. It is because most of the manufacturer assumes that you will buy a separate audio gear to enrich your hearing experience. So it’s better to go for a decent sound system such as a soundbar, which are easily available under 5000, or you can go for a home theatre .

Also it is good to remember that every TV- be a 1080 pixels or a 4K UHD- all comes with a digital sound port or two and this can be easily used for sound upgrade. And spending money on such an additional device might seem to be very expensive, but take our words, the whole experience will be worth the price.


The best TV sets in recent times, are mostly available with in-built Wi-Fi and ethernet ports. The one that supports 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi, will give you the best Smart TV experience. Some of the connectivity options available are-

  1. Wi-Fi – Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi adapters ensure faster data connectivity.
  2. Ports – Connect your USB to it and enjoy the movies and music on the bigger screen. HDMI 2.0 supports 4K UHD content and HDMI 2.1 port support 8K content.
  3. Bluetooth – Bluetooth features help you connect your external devices available with bluetooth features, such as speakers, headphones and soundbars.

The prices of TV sets have gone down a lot in the last three- four years. Nowadays, a good 42 inches smart LED TV is easily available under 25000 bucks. Although, it is true that the more you spend, the better features you get.

Spend more money and you will be able to buy the same features with extended options and also a bigger TV display screen. So the more money you spend the better contrast, the better outlook and richer color spectrum you obtain. 


Generally, all TV sets come with a warranty. What the issue to think about is whether or not to get an extended warranty to cover all mechanical and electrical defects after the expiration of the normal warranty period.

The choice to buy the extended warranty depends on the price, its coverage and its duration along with the terms and conditions to be sure that you got a good deal or not.

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Now that you have ideas of the Best Tv Under 25000, it is better to look into the features that you require and also have a look at the technologies associated with it. With modernization, there is a new technology being developed every single day.

But what you need to keep in mind while buying is that whether you are paying an excessive amount for it and the technology is compatible with the other devices which you are going to connect with it.

Our suggestion would be if you are up for buying a newer brand, then Vu 43 inches UltraAndroid LED TV , is the one you should go for. The main reason would be it’s stunning display panel. This Smart TV is truly smart, allowing you to directly enjoy the online content on a bigger screen, due to it’s ethernet connectivity option, and additionally it has other connecting options like USB and HDMI.

With it’s Android based operating system, you are bound to have all the experience of a mobile just on a bigger screen. And what’s more advantageous is that, they come with our daily needed apps, at least the ones we are hooked to all day, everyday, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney Hotstar + and many more,

So you just sit back and enjoy with it’s good display and in-built 24W speakers that is tuned by Dolby sound system as well as DTS studio sound. And it comes with two modes, PC mode and game mode, making every experience outstanding.

Tell us about what you aspire from your TV and which actually matches with it. Also share your experience with us.

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