8 Best TV Brand In India (2021) – Full Comparision

Best TV Brand In India

Are you in the search for Best TV Brand in India? Then we have made a list of Best TV Brand in India that you can get for your home entertainment setup in 2020.

Finding the right TV to buy for your home, office or anywhere else for that matter can be a confusing task. And almost everybody goes through this confusion at least once,  right?

I did too and the fact you are here, I’m certain you’re confused as well. And this confusion is reasonable because there are so many brands out there to choose from, that it’s almost impossible to decide. 

Buying a TV, like so many other gadgets, is a one-time investment. And you should make it intelligently because you are going to watch it almost every day and for the best experience you should invest in the best brand out there.  

Now this experience can vary for different people, but this guide down here is one based on what most of the people believe. 

So let’s get started, with the list of Best TV Brand in India and get that TV lounged at your place already.

Best TV Brand in India 2020

1. Samsung Televisions

samsung tv

We bet you were expecting this. And rightly so, because Samsung is among the best brands available out there in the market. Samsung is literally a household name now, which its great gadgets and technologies and amazing user experience. 

It’s genuinely one of the leading brands in the TV market, provided the fact that it holds 30{112fef62902760348f08f3a7b77f7a5344a097b1d368101c9b8dad9a587996ae} of the market share. But that’s not all, it has the most remarkable picture quality and stands among the best. Fun fact: They were the first ones to bring HDR in India. 

Samsung is popular for introducing new innovations time and again, which is why it has been so widely appreciated. 

It comes with a fairly smart OS which customises all your favourite apps at the bottom of the home screen and literally has most of the Indian apps. 

And if that’s not all, Samsung comes in a curved model as well, thus, making every experience an adventure. 

It has great colours and well, that’s what we expect from a brand like Samsung, right? 


  • Outstanding picture quality
  • Curved models for the best experience
  • Intelligent OS
  • Innovating all the time


  • Can’t think of any, can you?
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2. Panasonic Televisions

panasonic tv

Now Panasonic is actually a Japanese Electronic Company but is still a widely known name in India and for that matter, throughout the world. It comes under the five largest manufacturers of TV throughout the world and that’s something to acknowledge, right?

Panasonic offers a range of smart TVs with almost all great features but at an affordable price. Now, this is the strong point here. The price. Panasonic delivers great quality in your budget. 

It amasses great technology with fairly good picture quality, it also supports HDR. 

Its operating system is also quite promising and it’s called My Home Screen.

So this may at some points lag in comparison to the costlier brands but it still gives a fair competition to them in the aspect of the lower budget it comes in. 


  • Affordable and in your budget
  • Fairly good picture quality 
  • A smart OS
  • Most enduring tv brand out there


  • Quite susceptible to water 
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3. Sony Televisions

sony tv

Again a household name in India. It’s also a Japanese company but is popular worldwide. 

Now, what’s your first thought when you think of this brand? I bet it’s the stunning picture quality it delivers. 

I think it’s safe to say that Sony’s picture is second to none. Its got X-Reality Pro as it’s picture engine and that offers the greatest and most remarkable picture quality you can ever get your hands on. Needless to say, it also supports HDR. 

Not only on the picture part, but it’s relatively great on the sound part as well. It uses subwoofers which are specialized loudspeakers to produce high sound quality. 

The only lacking point we could think of is the OS. The OS is not that smart, it uses the basic Linux OS which works ok ok. 

But other than that, it’s a great choice for a brand. It follows a great market share, listed among the top 2 for the same. 


  • Best picture quality
  • Great sound, thanks to subwoofers
  • Remarkable market share


  • Uses a basic Linux OS
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4. LG Televisions

lg tv

Now Sony, Samsung and LG make for the top 3 TV brands in India if we take in consideration and comparison all the aspects. 

LG has been known to us as long as we can remember. It has some of the greatest sales, it ranks as the top 2nd brand for producing the highest sales. It acquired this position by a lot of its outstanding features.

To name them, LG offers one of the best picture qualities. It uses IPS panel and is the only brand ever to support Dolby’s vision. Now Dolby’s vision is an interface that’s used to enhance contrast which otherwise, would’ve proved to be a weak point for LG.

It supports HDR and employs a lot of AI. In fact, it’s the only brand that includes so much AI and thus, makes it a very user-friendly choice and the best user experience. Its also very cheap, not at all that expensive but providing all the necessary functions. 

The strongest point for LG is it’s OS. Its OS, called WebOS is the smartest in the market. Thanks to it, it also delivers an extensive variety of content on the app store. It’s popular and the best for bringing new technologies and innovations. 


  • Cheapest among the top brands providing with the same quality experience
  • Incorporates a lot of AI
  • The smartest OS in the market


  • Not compatible with IOS
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5. Micromax Televisions

micromax tv

Now, this might not be your first choice when setting out to buy a TV. Micromax entered the Indian market through the mobile company. They were among the leading smartphone companies in the market throughout the world.

It then brought its share of computers and now they are up with Micromax TV models as well. Though Micromax doesn’t come as close to either Samsung, or Sony, or LG in the aspect of all it’s features.

It does stand below them, but if we look at the price factor, it still delivers a reasonably fair quality. The picture quality is good and the sound also can not at all be considered poor. 

Though going by the looks of it, it’s a pretty stylish looking model. 


  • Low price model
  • Sleek looking 
  • Fairly good quality


  • The setup isn’t that easy
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6. VU Televisions

vu tv

If I were to name an exemplary brand, I would for sure name VU. VU is an American -Indian brand but you can sit call it an Indian brand because most of it sells in India only. 

Now the reason why I like this brand a lot is that it delivers impressive technology and services at a fairly decent price. It provides great picture quality, fully supporting HDR and employing wide colour gamut for better brightness and contrast.

Thus if we compare the picture quality to other brands in the same budget, VU is a relatively preferable choice. They even have their own PixelightHDR standard which is just great. 

They offer functions much like the well-established premium brands but stand out because of their low-cost factor. 

Not only that, but they also have a really smart OS. They have two of them, the first is called Opera OS and the second is called Android OS. Both of which offer real good content and user interaction. 


  • Great technology at lower prices
  • Better than most of the other same budget brands
  • Smart OS


  • Quality is not that good as Samsung, Sony or LG
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7. Philips Televisions

philips tv

Yeah, this is the brand that disappeared from Indian markets a while ago. Philips is a Dutch multinational company that exited the Indian markets only to make a return in the year 2018. It is a well-known name throughout the world and needless to say, one of the largest electronics company on a global level.

Not only TVs but Philips also manufactures a hell lot of electronics gadgets, right from lightbulbs and radios to loudspeakers and headphones.

But talking about TVs, Philips holds a prominent place in the list of the top brands for the same. It offers great picture quality, great sound output and though the price might seem quite high, but seriously they aren’t that high when you look at all the features and functionalities it offers.

It’s quite reasonable. It isn’t necessarily slim and doesn’t have a very stylish look either. It comes in basic design with a small logo on it. 


  • Well reputed brand
  • Great quality ascertained


  • May seem too expensive to some 
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8. Mi TV Televisions

mi tv

Again a household name that has become one comparatively recently. The Xiaomi enterprise has always been known for its distinguished position in the electronic market, it’s TV brand doesn’t disappoint as well.

The MI TV is a super slim model with a small logo at the bottom. It provides one of the best audio experiences and comes with a whole lot of inbuilt features. It supports HDR and runs on Android TV i.e. it’s a smart TV that it enables access to the internet, hence Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and almost all other online platforms.

It offers smart connectivity and is quite affordable. In less expenditure, you can enjoy comparatively big screen sizes. 


  • Quite affordable
  • Smart connectivity
  • Works on Android TV


  • Not very stylish looking

Now that you have discovered all the great, well-reputed brands available in the TV business, and what may be the ones you want to buy, read this buyer’s guide to understand in detail what factors to consider before putting your finger on one brand.

This guide will not only help you choose the perfect TV for you but will also help you understand and differentiate in a good model and a not so good model. 

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Buying Guide for Best TV Brand In India


Needless to say, the budget is one of the most prominent things that you have to consider or already have in mind while setting out to buy a TV. The rates in the TV industry have gone way down to what they used to be before.

You can get a big, stunning, smart TV in an affordable budget. And if you are ready to invest more, you could get those big giant TVs placed right in your homes. More money also ensures better sound and picture quality, which we will get to in a while.

Viewing distance – Now, with every size of a TV model, comes a minimum viewing distance that you should strictly consider. For example, the viewing distance for a 32 inch TV is at least 4 feet. So check with the size of your room and then go ahead to buy it. 

Similarly, the viewing distance for a TV size between 40-48 inches is at least 7 feet. And for a TV size of 55 or 65 inches, the viewing distance should at least be 9 feet. So make sure your room is big enough to accommodate that, and buy accordingly.

Viewing angles:

In some LEDs, there is an issue with lower end viewing angle. That is the picture fades away or darkens if looked at from any other angle except the front of the TV. 

This issue doesn’t come with OLED TVs, so you might want to check them out.

TV resolution:

Resolution basically means the number of pixels on the screen at a given time. And as may guess, more pixels means better pictures and better viewing experience. So if you want to watch content in greater quality and greater detail, you might want to go for TVs with high-resolution rates. 

Fun fact: 4K has approximately.. wait for it.. 6 million more pixels than a regular HD. 

Connectivity options:

If you are planning to buy a TV not just to watch regular TV shows through a set-top box but also for other various aspects, then make sure there are enough connectivity options to assist you through that. Options like HDMI, USB ports, Audio connecting ports and other AV ports should be looked for. Having a Wifi and Bluetooth connection is cherry on the top. 

Refresh rate:

Many people are not aware of what refresh rate it. Refresh rate basically is his many times your screen ( the pictures) get refreshed in one second.

The refresh rate usually is 60Hz in normal TVs i.e. is 60 times in a second. But even though some fast-moving scenes may appear blurry. So always try to go for a higher refresh rate, that way you would be able to see content more clearly.

Contrast and brightness levels:

Generally, if a TV has a better contrast ratio, then it means the brightness levels will be consequently good as well. So a TV with a higher contrast ratio will show great colours and displays. 

Native apps:

Another important aspect to look for is to look for native inbuilt apps. Some TVs for that matter do not provide any inbuilt apps. But if you are going for one that does, then enquire which inbuilt apps they offer and whether or not are they useful to you. 

Smart TVs:

Now, everyone today might like to go for a smart TV, sure. But just remember the fact that a smart TV doesn’t always mean it’s smart. A smart TV is when a TV has it’s own system, OS and app store but it doesn’t necessarily be what you were looking for. 

There might be something more to what you’re looking for, like other smart features like voice command and wifi, so make sure it has all those features. 

Audio output:

Now as much as it’s important to certify great picture quality, one thing you don’t want to miss out on is the sound quality. A terrible audio output might be a disaster for you. Though a TV might produce the best picture quality, it might not necessarily deliver the best audio output. So you want to make sure it has the best qualities for both. Or you can also go for additional speakers if you wish. 

Trusted brand:

Buying a TV is not a small investment, so the decision should be made wisely. Always, always try to go for a trusted brand in anything and everything you buy. Because you rarely go wrong with any of them, and even if you do, they either come with a great warranty or has an expert team to help you out with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best TV Brand In India

What is the most important thing to check before buying a TV?

Well, if the TV model fits well into your budget and size, then you might want to check for the picture quality and the audio quality. Because you never want an A-size TV with terrible sound and picture output. So always, always make sure that they are good. 

Which brand should I choose for my TV?

Well, this guide is specifically for that purpose, to help you narrow down your choices to the best brands. Though all the brands mentioned hereof are the topmost brands in the domain but if you need even more narrowing down, then I would say Samsung, Sony and LG are the finest and well-reputed brands in this market and will possibly never let you down. 

Which TV size should I go for?

Well, you should choose a TV size according to the room or place you are going to put your TV. Whether it will accommodate that big a TV and whether the TV would be too small for the room.
Another thing you should consider is the minimum viewing distance as mentioned above.
For every size range of TVs, there comes a minimum viewing distance that should be looked at and followed. So see if there’s enough viewing distance for “that” size of TV and go for it. 

What role do TV viewing angle play during the selection of TV?

Of course, TV viewing angles play a major role in the selection of a TV. Because most of the LEDs just come with one basic viewing angle, that is from the front of the TV.
This means that if you watch TV from any other angle, say downward or sideward angle, the picture will appear faded or black. This issue doesn’t happen in OLEDs. You can watch from any angle and get the same output. So you should see if the TV you are buying has different viewing angles or if you would be able to manage with one viewing angle or not.

What really is the difference between a smart and a non-smart TV?

Well, to say for starters, the smart TVs are actually smart. Not kidding. They, in fact, are very much like your smartphones. Which means the smart TVs enables voice command and they can access the internet.
Now the internet is the main source of entertainment and content, therefore smart TVs actually open your door to some great quality content that a normal TV may not be able to offer. 


Now again, buying a TV isn’t an easy decision. It’s not a small investment and could certainly cost you a fortune. Therefore the decision needs some careful and wise thinking. So for that reason only we made a guide for Best TV Brand In India.

But now that you know how to make the best decision, what all to consider, how to differentiate between good and bad, what to accept and what to reject, and the best brands in the business.

I’m certain you are now capable of narrowing down your choices of the TV to that one particular brand, the brand that will be the right choice for you, the brand that will be most suited for you and your preferences.

So go ahead, make that investment and enjoy the greatest TV experiences that you would have never had before. 

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