5 Best Soundbars Under 10000 In 2021

Best Soundbars Under 10000

Searching for the Best Soundbars Under 10000?

This slowly gaining popularity device, known as soundbars, are the media bars or audio gears which help us upgrade our TV watching experience.

They are external speakers enclosed in one unit, a wider rectangular box or a bar. These are just the futuristic version of a home theatre and instead of so many( five-six) boxes, it has only one or sometimes two boxes.

They are very useful as they require a lot less space than a home theatre and it’s light-weight and compact size and also it’s option of having wireless connectivity makes it the new favorite for now. 

It provides the same surround sound and deep bass of a home theatre but doesn’t need much space. It can be kept anywhere, inside the cabinets to above the TV or computer screens.

With the growing likeness of travelling, this is the perfect companion, as it has bluetooth connectivity option and also has AUX and USB port connection. Just connect your device to it and enjoy music wherever you go. Also it’s ease of installation makes it very likeable.

And the looks of it! Oh! The tall dark look, just gives a different edge to your room.

The main question is, why to use soundbars with a TV. The reason is, with modernization, the world has moved to flat-screen displays, whereas the TVs and displays were majorly CRT-based, which provided more than enough room for larger speakers for better sound quality with deep bass. But now flat-screens displays leave very less area for the speakers, so an external device is required for better experience. 

Soundbars available without any subwoofers aren’t worth it, because it gives a similar experience to that of any TV only. Though if the soundbar has dual bass, it might be good.

Without further ado, let’s look into the factors that are to be kept in mind while buying a soundbar.

Additionally, also if you want, you can look for options where you can add speakers externally and subwoofers, for effective experience. Also if you want, you can look for the “Cinema Sound” feature in the soundbar, which replicates the home theater sound, by delaying the relaying process to give you the vision of being in a larger room.

And also look for the warranty, it’s better not be stranded with just one year warranty. Also, look if you can get the authorized dealer’s warranty along with the brand’s warranty.

Top 5 Best Soundbars Under 10000

1. boAT Aavante 160 W Bluetooth Soundbar

From one of the pioneers in the audio gear brand, you can’t expect anything but the best. 

This soundbar comes with a sound of 120W RMS and subwoofers. The output sound feels thrilling and gives real life experience owing to the 60W subwoofer. This 2.1 channel surround sound provides a very cinematic experience, with crystal clear dialogue with the help of subwoofer and rear channels.

 Also it’s sleek design helps upgrade the aesthetics of your home. It comes with a signal to noise ratio (S/N) of 72dB. 

It also has multiple connectivity options like HDMI, AUX, Bluetooth and USB optical. And can be controlled using a remote to perform different functions as play, pause, stop and fast forward or rewind. 

Also it’s high-end equalizer technology helps in optimizing the output sound thus providing appropriate sound profiles to different videos(i.e. news, sports, movies, etc.)


  • One can enjoy surround sound with the help of this 2.1 channel audio system and 120W output sound.
  • It comes with both wired and wireless connectivity, with a bluetooth option available for connecting with your phone, laptop or tablets , helping you have a hand-free operation.
  • Comes with a wired subwoofer.
  • It has USB connectivity, which is not very common, so plug in your pendrive and enjoy the MP3 and WPA files in it. 


  • It does not have NFC (Near Field Communication) which allows you automatic connection and disconnection of both the bluetooth devices, as many of the products by boAT.
  • Not a 5 or 7 Channel soundbar
  • Does not have Wi-Fi connectivity in it.

2. BLAUPUNKT SBW-02: Best Soundbars Under 10000

This is from the house of the trusted German brand of BLAUPUNKT that would equal the artistic feel of your house. It is very affordable with all the world-class features of the product.

With a wired subwoofer, the heavy bass and high volume, it gives a very powerful sound. It comes with a Dolby Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, USB bluetooth and AUX cable. It has a remote to control all it’s functions.

You can easily switch between music modes using the EQ modes(four equalizer modes), which allows you to customize your audio escapades and additionally it comes with treble control.

Also due to its compact size, it can easily fit at any place in your house.

It consists of two 2.25 inches speakers which have an output sound of 60W, and one subwoofer of 60W of 6.5 inches.

With this soundbar you can experience 3D cinematic sound and it can connect to multi devices at once, which is pretty awesome.


  • There are multi connectivity options in both wired and wireless connections.
  • It is smaller in size, so easy to place in any place
  • It comes with a wired subwoofer, which produces high quality surround sound.
  • Comes with treble control and four equalizer modes to customize your audio experience.
  • It comes with a remote control and is very easy to install and use.


  • It requires manual equalization of the sound, rather than automatic optimization.
  • The surround sound is not that strong.
  • Also the subwoofer needs to be connected separately with a wire
  • And comes with two channels only.

3. JBL BAR 2.0

From one of the best brands of audio gears around the world, here comes another such awesome product. This wireless device provides such a surround sound which helps bring the movie/video to real life, without any speakers.

These have in-built dual bass rather than a subwoofer to give the maximum experience. It gives an experience similar to that given in theatre by Dolby systems.

It’s wireless sound range is around 30W, which is very superior. It comes with a sound to noise ratio of 90dB. It has wired as well as word connectivity of HDMI , USB ports and bluetooth connectivity. 

Although it comes with it’s own remote, it can operate using the TV’s remote. It can use any TV’s remotes, making it truly nuisance free. 

Also because of its compact design, it can fit anywhere. And it consumes less power too.

It comes with a year warranty.


  • Has both wired and wireless connectivity with HDMI, AUX , optical , bluetooth along with an optional connectivity option
  • Although it comes with it’s separate remote, it can be operated with any TV remote.
  • Has low power consumption
  • It’s in-built dual bass provides high quality surround sound in a small room providing theatre-like experience.
  • It has high frequency response range


  •  It does not come with NCF, which allow automatic connection and disconnection of two bluetooth devices
  • Does not have sound equalization feature 
  • Comes with one year warranty only
  • There has been complaints about the cut of sound during mid-videos
  • And there also have been some complaints about the stoppage of working of bluetooth with time.


Although not a very famous brand, their soundbar is such a pretty good choice for experiencing the heart-throbbing bass of the audio. This wall mountable as well as table top 2.1 channel soundbar comes with a 25W wired subwoofer for better experience. 

It produces output sound of 45W RMS, which provides a touching experience by producing mid and high range frequencies through the soundbar driver speakers.

This comes with wired and wireless connectivity. It has bluetooth 4.2v, AUX and USB ports. It can have AUX to AUX connection as well as AUX to RCA connection with the TV.

It is compact in size and doesn’t take up much space in your room. It also comes with EQ modes to choose from such as movies, sports, music, etc.

It has wireless connectivity for multiple devices at once. It has a sound of 60dB.


  • Comes with a sleek and compact design which enriches the beauty of the room without taking up much space.
  • It has both wired and wireless connectivity, where multiple devices can be connected to wireless connectivity at once.
  • Has equalizers for more optimization of the audio. 
  • It produces heavy bass using the wired subwoofer given with it.
  • It comes with an additional remote for better operation.


  • The equalizers are to be set manually. 
  • There is no display or LED indicators on the device
  • Also the sound although having much bass, is not much for a big room
  • It is not a 3-channel soundbar 

5. Xiaomi Mi Soundbar: Best Soundbars Under 10000

This is one of the best at its price point and features, from the brand of Xiaomi. What’s making it more attractive is the front mesh designs, which gives an elegant look, making it a tempting product to have at home.

It has two dome shaped speakers and eight drivers that produce high frequency sounds. It is lightweight and compact in size.

What’s more is that it comes with two subwoofers, unlike others, each of 2.5 inches, which produces an almost real feel and it has four passive radiators for enhanced and deep bass.

It comes in both black and white color and can be mounted on the wall as well as be kept on table-top.

It has connectivity options with bluetooth, S/PDIF, optical AUX-in. It’s setup is so easy that it takes only 30 seconds. It has only one device connectivity option to each wired and wireless at the same time.


  • While watching movies/videos it has clear dialogue delivery
  • Has both wired and wireless connectivity options
  • Comes with two wired subwoofers and two speakers and eight drivers to produce high performance.
  • It’s attractive looks and compact and light-weight , makes it more alluring 


  • Does not comes with a remote control
  • Also multi- device connection to wired or wireless is not possible.
  • Also it does not have sound equalization option.
  • Come with only two channels.

Buying Guide To Best Soundbars Under 10000

  • Soundbar or a soundbase:

Both of them serve the same purpose and come with speakers inside them. This something you should be clear about before buying a soundbar. Do you need a soundbar or a soundbase?

They both are greatly different. Know the difference and then buy it according to your need. A soundbar is actually a bar, which is to be placed, in front of the TV, on the TV or below the TV, if the TV is mounted on the wall. 

A soundbase is one where it is used as a pedestal on which the TV is to be placed. What’s important to be checked is whether the soundarbar you might be buying is able to take the weight of your TV.

Soundbases are bulkier and take up more space than a soundbar. Soundbases generally come with in-built amplification and bigger bass drivers, which declines the need of subwoofers.

  • The size of the soundbar :

Making your home look beautiful and presentable to the T is a huge thing, nowadays. You would like to buy something that matches your home decor as well it matches the size of the TV. As a huge soundbar beside your small TV, is not alluring at all. And also the reverse, i.e. buying a small soundbar for your larger screen TV is not attractive too.  

Like it’s better to buy a 38 inches to 45 inches for your 42- 50 inches TV.

Or, for your 55-65 inches TV it’s better to get a 50 inches soundbar. And the 60 inches soundbar is appropriate for a TV of 70 inches and more.

  • Connectivity options available on the soundbar:

Most of the soundbars available in the market are compatible with any TV, but it won’t hurt to have different connectivity options too, along with other input ports including analog and digital optical or coaxial. 

There are a variety of the newer options of the soundbars available in the market, which comes with HDMI connectivity( which is better for multi-channel soundbar), wireless connectivity with features of bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, USB inputs( although it is not exactly essential) and optical port, for the best connectivity between your TV and the soundbar, though not available in many. So the best connectivity is obtained through HDMI or HDMI ARC cable.

  • Wired or wireless connectivity:

Who doesn’t want a hands- free operation? Not us, atleast. It’s better just to sit at a place and manage all settings according to our need, rather than going again and again to the soundbar and changing it.

Generally, soundbars are sold with their remotes, but it never hurts to be extra sure, so do check that the remote is included with the soundbar you are paying for. And else could be better? If both TV and soundbars can be controlled with a single remote. It saves so much confusion and extra efforts. 

Also, you can always look for if bluetooth connectivity is available with the device. You can just connect your mobile with the soundbar and experience the music like never before.

  • Subwoofers are inbuilt or not:

What are subwoofers, you may ask? Subwoofers, as known as sub, is the part which produces the deep-bass sound that a normal speaker isn’t able to. You might say that your bookshelf or floorstanding speakers are giving you the whole experience with all the bass and all, but these subwoofers make you feel the sound.

Although, it might feel that you are not missing much, without experiencing it you won’t know how much you are missing and also it helps you detect that small bit you were desiring from the music but weren’t able to find.

  • The budget:

As much as you want your soundbar to be with all the best features, you can’t ignore your budget. As we know, whenever a product is launched, it is costly but with time the same product loses its value and becomes a bit cheaper.

So if you are looking for a product with the desired features, but it’s expensive and out of our budget, it’s better to wait for sometime before buying the same or go for one with lower price.

  • Where to install it:

All depends on your placement of the TV and how much space is available around that. Soundbars are quite handy to install and can be fitted on a wall, kept in front of your TV or let it sit on the shelf below or above your TV. 

  • To buy active or passive soundbars:

What are active or passive soundbars? 

Passive soundbars are the ones with no in-built power amplifiers, thus they require external receivers and amplifiers. Although these passive ones have better speakers, which implies better sound quality. These passive ones are expensive and need additional components too. 

The ones with in-built amplifiers are the active ones, that power everything and also it has channel processors that the centre, left and right speakers in the soundbar. 

So it’s recommended to buy an active one, if you plan to, as the passive ones are better for custom installations, i.e. if you want full sound system installation or want the soundbar to disappear into the TV.

  • Number of channels in the sound bar:

Channels are the individual speakers or sound sources present. Generally these days, most of the audio/video shown on the screen have five different channels, although some might have more for better surround sound, digitally inserted at the left, right , centre and at the two rear ends.

The presence of channels/speakers in one unit is what makes a soundbar more attractive than a home theatre. The channels are available in the following options:

  1.  2 Channel soundbar- two speakers present at right and left of the box
  2.  3 Channel soundbar- three speakers in the bar at right, left and centre
  3.  5 Channel soundbar- this five-speaker technology has been used in home theaters for quite long, although the bar has speakers in the left, right, centre and at two rear ends.
  4. 7 Channel soundbar- the latest update in the soundbar technology, it has all the five speakers of the 5-Channel soundbar, along with splitting rear and surround channel information in four channels, we get this newer development. 

So, it’s recommended to get the soundbar with more number of channels, although it will make your experience better, it comes with a price. But, it’s better to have at least 3-channel soundbar.


There are a lot of soundbars present in the market at very price points. Generally under 10,000 , mainly two-channels soundbars are provided. So, from all the options, we would say boAT Aavante 160 W Bluetooth Soundbar , is the best.

Why you may ask, but after looking at the features and the quality maintained by the brand of boAT, there should be no doubts.

It comes with a wired subwoofer and 120W RMS output sound, it lets you feel the audio.

What’s more exciting is that it has automatic equalizers, which optimizes the sound frequency accordingly, which is not present in any other soundbar. It has both wired and wireless connectivity options ranging from, bluetooth, HDMI, AUX, optical cable, USB as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

With a sound of 72dB, it produces enriched and deep bass. And with its “Cinematic Sound”, you can have an experience similar to that provided in a theatre using Dolby systems.

We suggest you to buy this , as within the given price, it fulfills all your needs and makes your movie watching as well as in general Tv viewing experience more surreal. 

Do let us know if you have used any soundbar and what you have liked the most about it. Also, if you buy any new soundbar, tell your about your experience. 

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