8 Best Smartwatch Under 10000 In 2021

Best Smartwatch Under 10000

Searching for the Best Smart Watch Under 10000?

Nowadays, a smartwatch is one of the most important things in everyone’s life. Because the smartwatch is just not a watch but also a style and fashion. So many people wear a smartwatch just for fashion and styling rather than seeing the timing or making some use of that watch. 

A smartwatch is like a computer that does everything for you modern smartwatches provide local touch screen use in which you can easily use daily. The smartwatch is similar to the smartphone. A smartwatch has some similar features to a phone in a smartwatch.

While there was a time in the early period when smartwatches were introduced and the model of smartwatches could only perform the basic functions like calculations, translation, digital time telling, and game-playing till the 2000s. 

In the period of 2010s, the smartwatch started developing its functions and came up with new features similar to mobile phone functions, like mobile apps and everything and WIFI Bluetooth connectivity. 

Some of the smartwatches also include portable media players, with the FM radio and playback digital audio and video files with the

Blue tooth headset. It is called the ‘Watch phones’ functions like making calls. The internal hardware varies and has electronic visual display backlit LCD or OLED and some also use the electronic paper to consume less power. Generally, they are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and some devices may include digital cameras, thermometers, heart rate monitors, GPS receivers, tiny speakers and so many other features.

There are so many features in a smartwatch which are also known as a storage device by many other types of computers. The software may include the schedulers, digital maps, and also personal organizers, etc.

There are different types of smartwatches in the market and the design and body of the watch is also an amazing part and there are also varieties of watches faces. The watch can connect to many other different devices such as wireless headphones, etc.

It’s just like the computer, a smartwatch may collect such information from internal and external sensors and also control it or may sometimes retrieve it like any other institutions or with the help of computers. It can also support wireless devices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS, etc. 

The smartwatch is just like a smartphone and also a computer in which you can save anything and it has so many features in it which will be helpful for you whether it should be the Bluetooth device features that can also help you in communicating with others.

A smartwatch has developed technologies that can be helpful for many users. There are a lot of people who just love to wear a smartwatch and mostly that smartwatch is useful for day to day busy people who don’t have so much time they can set their schedule and also will get a reminder with the help of the watch which is a good thing. 

The smartwatch also contains a health-related application that can help people who are fitness enthusiasts and also those who are not well. Anyone can measure the heart rate, workout, etc.

The smartwatch has especially many features and designs of the watch that can attract any customer other than that the battery life of the smartwatch is also long-lasting which is a plus point and the health applications are also amazing. Overall the smartwatches are necessary nowadays.

There are some important things which you need to consider before buying the Best Smartwatch Under 10000:

  • Check your phone compatibility and the OS it runs on

Firstly while buying a smartwatch just check the watch if it is compatible with your mobile or not like if you are an android user and your thinking to buy an apple watch then it is not going to go with your android phone. Because the apple watch only goes with the iPhone.

Also, the apple watch runs with the watchOS whereas the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch runs with Tizen OS. The Fitbit smartwatch is suitable and compatible with both Android and IOS users.

  • Check Display and Price

There are so many brands like Realme, and Oppo, etc where users have more options than before. Because the display is the most important factor in the smartwatch while buying one. If you want to buy a smartwatch you have to decide your budget because the display comes with a budget you have for a smartwatch.

  • Purchase a watch which has amazing fitness and health-related features

Before buying any kind of watch that you check the fitness and health-related features because it will help you to measure the heart rates it will track your heart health. Which is the most important thing. Other than that the GPS is good for better tracking in the activities like cycling, hiking, etc. Also, it is much helpful to keep a record of your health. One of the most popular features nowadays in smartwatches is sleep tracking which is high on the buyer’s list.

  • App selection from App stores

You may think a smartwatch is looking small but it has so many different designs and features that you can use for customized apps as you can have WhatsApp, sports App, etc apps in your smartwatch. Buy a watch which has great features with an amazing warranty and quality and that support the apps you use the most. So be careful and choose an affordable plus the amazing functions smartwatch.

  • Check properly the Battery life

The battery is the most important thing in the smartwatch. Just compared to the different types of brand smartwatches batteries. If you have the apple smart watch it has a maximum battery life of only one single charge.  Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is also coming with this new long battery system.

  • Affordability and pricing

A budget is the most important thing while buying a smartwatch you must buy an affordable and quality based smartwatch. A good smartwatch budget starts from 3000 to 4000. If you are looking for something much more mid-range then you will also get it. It depends on your budget how much going to pay for the watch. 

There are varieties of watches which you can buy for under 10000 which have amazing quality and also affordability. So let us get started with the list of Best Smartwatch Under 10000.

8 Best SmartWatch Under 10000 In 2020

1. Huami Amazfit GTS

Huami is one of the most affordable brands in India and Indonesia. It has some amazing design and built features. The quality of the Amazfit GTS is decent and the square-shaped dial is made up of hard plastic which helps the watch to be light-weighted.

It has great durability. There is also a crown button that can help you to interact with the UI which will remind you of an apple watch.

Overall the watch is not that expensive and its price point Rs.10000. The display comes with 348 x 442 pixels. The screen Of the watch is very detailed and the color is incredible.

The watch has awesome features like a double fitness tracker and heart rate sensor. Other than that it also has an accelerometer inside it. The heart rate sensor gives you a proper reading of your heart and body metabolism and it also tracks your workout. There Is also a GPS to track your movements. 

The watch is compatible with both android and iPhone devices and it also comes with the strap buckle mechanism which will fit your wrist properly. The battery life of this watch is 12 days on only one single charge.


  • The best robust build quality.
  • Amazing vibration feedback for notifications.
  • Proper heart rate monitoring.


  • Sometimes UI is laggy.

2. Huami Amazfit GTR: Best Smartwatch Under 10000

The design and build quality of the amazfit GTR has a circular dial. The dial looks good and it is made from steel and the plastic dial is also amazing. The brightness level of this watch can be automatically legible. The display is protected with the proper corning gorilla glass 3 and also it has an additional anti-fingerprint just to keep it smudge-free.

 The Amazfit smartwatch has so many goods and incredible features the sensor found in the GTS and also a barometer sensor in the air pressure monitor. You can easily check the regular heart rate sensor with the help of these smartwatches. You can easily track your daily workout routine. You can also track your cycling and sports routine and you can also receive notifications with the vibration. The battery life lasts up to 12 days with a single charging. You can easily track your GPS. 


  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Notified you of the vibration alerts.
  • All-day heart rate monitoring.


  • Sometimes UI hiccups.

3. Huami Amazfit T-Rex

This is the most affordable watch and is under 10000. With the most impressive features which are suitable for fitness freaks. The weight is just a little bit bulky but you can manage it properly. Just note down that these smartwatches are suitable for those who have wrist thickness.

The stretchable strap is the most amazing thing and fits your wrist perfectly. The display setting is also amazing. The brightness level of the panel is par and works amazingly in the outdoors. The battery life of this smartwatch lasts up to 20 days only on one single charge.


  • The robust build quality.
  • The awesome Rich sensor array.
  • Up to the 50m water resistance.


  • It is not suitable for those with a thin wrist.

4. Honor Watch Magic: Best Smartwatch Under 10000

The honor watch magic smartwatch is made up of stainless steel and it is very comfortable and also durable. Here is not a threat of irritation because it has thick silicone straps that are skin-friendly. The look and overall price of this smartwatch are under the budget of your Rs. 10,000.

The incredible touch screen and the panel slight touch has a tremendous accuracy level. The honor smartwatch runs on a custom OS. The smartwatch has the customize options and also fitness tracking options.

The negative point of this smartwatch is that you can’t use the third-party app on the device for usability. You can turn on and off the heart rate sensor settings easily. The smartwatch also supports the location tracking system with help of the GPS services.

The battery life of this device lasts up to 7days only on one single charge. The device comes with magnetic charging. The watch takes 1:1:30 hours for charging. This smartwatch is affordable and cheap and you can easily buy any watch.


  • The premium and lightweight.
  • It is a Sweatproof strap.
  • It has accurate sleep according.


  • It doesn’t support third-party apps.

5. NoiseFit Fusion

NoiseFit fusion is an amazing smartwatch with the look and with some incredible features in a watch. The smartwatch has a circular dial which is made up of stainless steel and looks good on hand.

The watch includes a leather strap and also silicon strap is included. The straps fit easily. The heart rate sensor is used properly for monitoring the heartbeat. You can easily track sports and workouts and you can also track the steps, calories burnt, and also track your sleep.

The Noisefit fusion also supports the smart notifications that will display the app alerts and also other message alerts. You can also store all the data on your daily workout. The water-resistance of this watch is quite good and it is up to 5atm.

The battery life of this smartwatch is the most incredible factor because only one single charge of the battery lasts for 30 days. 

Whenever you used this smartwatch with the digital display on the boards the charging gets low and you have to charge it every two days. The charging dock is powered by a USB cable.

You can also charge this smartwatch with the help of the power bank. If you are looking for a stylish and good quality watch you must buy this watch. The watch is affordable. You can get this smartwatch for under Rs 7,500.


  • It can resist water up to 5atm.
  • It has a one year warranty period.
  • Amazing fitness tracking features.


  • The screen is not the OLED of this smartwatch.

6. TCL Movetime

This watch bezel is made up of aluminum and the company has retained this watch’s amazing look. Without using painting equipment on top of the watch it looks good. The strap of the watch is ordinary and silver-colored. It has a great power button on the right side. The display is from 

 400 x 400 pixels. And this smartwatch is very much cheaper and affordable and it could be according to your budget under 10000. The screen results best in images and text, etc. The brightness of this watch is a bit low.

The TCL has a good heart rate sensor to monitor the rate of your heartbeat. It saved all the detailed data of your sports and fitness sessions. It connects to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and is very easy to pair with smartphones.

The smartwatch is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. Also controls the media playback. The smartwatch is valued at IP67 certificate. The battery life of the smartwatch lasts up to two days. It takes two hours to charge from zero percent to full.

The price of the smartwatch is under Rs 8000. It is worth buying this smartwatch.


  • The amazing minimal yet attractive design.
  • The premium leather strap.
  • It also has gesture control support.


  • It doesn’t have water resistance.

7. OPTA SB- 131 Tolkien Smartwatch

The smartwatch has 1-3inch IPS touch display. The watch looks slim and it is lightweight. You can easily track the heart rate sensor, sleep tracker, and calorie tracker that will help you in daily fitness.

You can easily track the multi-sports modes and indoor and outdoor activities. Also, you can easily take control of the music player, camera, and important messages. You will always get the alerts whenever any call, message, notification pop up it will notify you. It has multiple watch face for styling. It is compatible with both android and IOS devices.


  • It has IPS full touch display.
  • It has a Li-ion battery for long battery life. 
  • It also has HR & BP, sleep, and calorie tracker.
  • Remote music & camera control.
  • Amazing smart notification alerts.
  • The smartwatch has face customization.


  • You can’t answer any call.

8. Boltt Hawk Smartwatch

The smartwatch is designed very well and elegant and classic at the same time. The smartwatch advanced functions which you can buy easily in your budget.

The smartwatch features are a heart rate sensor and sleep tracker, and also a step counter and calorie tracker which will give you detailed information about your health.

It has easy connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can connect android and IOS devices easily. It is compatible with both devices.

You will get access to your phone’s messages and calls without checking your phone every time and with the help of your smartwatch.


  • AMOLED touch screen.
  • It has HR, steps, calorie, and sleeps tracking easily.
  • It has 7 sports modes for activity tracking.
  • Amazing Music and Camera control.
  • Smart and intelligent voice interaction.
  • It has Bluetooth with SIM support.


  • The battery backup needs to improve more.


With the above information, it will give you an idea of buying any smartwatch under your budget. The smartwatch is a necessity nowadays for the urban area people because in their day to day busy life because mostly they have busy schedules and that is why they must have a proper fitness and diet schedule.

Also, this smartwatch will help you to make yourself fit and healthy. Some people just use this smartwatch for fashion and styling and some people use it for fitness purposes. Which is the most important thing. In the market, many smartwatches have many different and advanced features. 

Which will be helpful to you in your day to day activities. A smartwatch is a need and most people just love the smartwatch because if it’s designing. But the most important thing is that whenever you buy the smartwatch you must set a proper budget.

Because you should be careful enough to understand the product properly. Because sometimes it happens that consumers get confused between the good smartwatch because they have different varieties of the smartwatch. That is why you must choose the correct smartwatch. 

Other than that the second thing is before choosing any type of smartwatch you must know that it is compatible with your phone. Because you should know which smartwatch Is suitable for your phone.

Another thing is that you should also check the battery life of the smartwatch. There is an end number of options for smartwatches and each smartwatch brand has different features and functions of battery life. 

The technical aspect of the smartwatch is important because some people are not so aware of the smartwatch. The smartwatch has amazing functions for whoever is using it should know the accessibility and effectiveness of the watch.

There are a large number of people nowadays who use smartwatches and also you can save your all data in detailed information in this smartwatch. The smartwatch also is one necessity because there are important factors while choosing any android and Apple smartwatch.

Basically one should know all the detailed information about the smartwatch. The beginner should know all these important things and guidelines before buying any type of smartwatch. 

You can track every record of your fitness and other than that you save your important files in the smartwatch. Also, you can customize different types of apps like WhatsApp, Uber, etc.

The amazing GPS can track your location quickly. Also, check the quality of the smartwatch and especially the straps and design and functions of the smartwatch. There are some amazing changes in technology and the smartwatch is also a made-up of amazing technology that has so many features in it.

The above article will help you to choose the correct smartwatch without getting confused. All these are important items and features of the smartwatch.

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