8 Best Sandwich Maker In India (2021)

Best Sandwich Maker In India

Searching for the Best Sandwich Maker In India?

“It has been well said that a hungry man is more interested in four sandwiches than four freedoms.” 

                                                                         -Henry Cobat Lodge Jr.

From pie iron sandwich makers to makeshift ovens to today’s electric sandwich makers, we have come a long way, and with this short life of ours, we need something which can keep up with our lifestyle.

Sandwich being easy to pitch up is a go-to meal when you are running out of time as well as scraping up the filling with anything, and the same sandwich can be a high-end meal, with expensive filling like cheese, chicken, tuna, corn, etc. Sandwiches served fall in all categories.

With the more popular foreign sandwiches being fried chicken sandwich, clubhouse sandwiches, fish sandwich, grilled cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, Nutella and banana sandwiches and with a newer member of the family being ice cream sandwich, to our Indian varieties ranging from vada pav to Bombay masala toast, veg masala toast, chutney sandwich, paneer sandwich, corn sandwich, grilled aloo toast and many more, one thing remains common, they all need some sandwich maker to be used.

Quite salivating, ha! With today’s generation having near to little patience, what’s better than the availability of these palatable, mouth-watering food within minutes. You have to put the sandwich in the device and push them to close the lids and voila! Your sandwiches are ready.

The main difference to pie iron to sandwich makers is the physical labour going into the former. Also the former being made of cast iron, is quite heavy to handle and even cast iron is not a good insulator of heat and it takes longer time to cook.

So sandwich makers, thus, come to our rescue as it is relatively lighter in weight, more comfortable to handle, along with no direct contact with the griddle.

These sandwich makers actually make the sandwich in 5 minutes or more( that 18th-century worker would have never dreamed of this).

You put the sandwich inside and after some time it’s done, in the meantime, you can do your necessary work, and also, there are no worries about overheating or over-toasting as these devices come with auto-power cut. Thus, a boon to today’s world.

Now, coming to the next important decision to make while buying anything, which to buy and why. Don’t worry we will help you in choosing the best one.

Top 8 Best Sandwich Maker In India

1. Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster:

With the catchy line of “Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyar, Wo PRESTIGE Ko Kaise Kare Inkar” it’s no doubt it is at the first preference.

This beautiful grill sandwich maker by Prestige offers a unique design and is very useful mainly because of its enormous handle. 

It is rated to have 1500W and is fast to use.

It’s fixed grilled with non-stick coating, which makes it very comfortable and convenient for using. 

It makes cleaning greasy oil easy as it comes with a detachable oil collector.

And it’s floating hinge design, even allows it to close the lid with thicker sandwiches.

And it comes with an adjustable heating setting. It offers you a warranty of two years. 


  • The sandwiches can be made super fast.
  • Oil collector makes the task of cleaning easy
  • Can get desired crunch and colour due to adjustable heating settings
  • It can grill/toast wide sandwiches too
  • Come switch handle lock
  • Can be used to make many sandwiches at once
  • Also has green and red signalling buttons.


  • It’s quite heavy with the weight of 3.64 Kgs
  • Being 1500W has higher electricity consumption

2. Philips HD 2393:

With the tag line which implies it is you and innovation only, you are going to get the best from the brand of Philips.

It being compact is great for a small family and easy to store, due to its size. 

Also, it has a non-stick coating, which helps the sandwiches to be easily removed, and the residues can be easily cleaned.

It comes with an easy push-down lock-system. Also, it has the automated signalling system, which tells you when the toasting is done.

With the only 820W, it is best to be used with lower power consumption.

Also, the handle is covered with rubber, which helps in preventing the hotness even while it’s working.

It comes with an easier winding of the cord which makes it easier to store.


  • Cut and Seal plate, to ensure the ingredients to be sealed inside the sandwich without creating any mess
  • Compact and thus easy to store
  • Lower power requires lower energy consumption
  • Automatic facility making it easier to work with
  • The price is valid for the product
  • Very lightweight with 1.64Kgs 


  • Due to lower power, it takes a longer time to prepare the sandwiches.
  • As it has automatic heating, fixed colour and crunch can only be obtained.
  • With no floating hinge design, this sandwich maker has this much space to keep wider sandwiches. 

3. Prestige PGMFB 800-Watt Sandwich Maker: Best Sandwich Maker In India

The brand doesn’t need any introduction. This brand has been synonyms to trust for so many decades. 

Just like the first sandwich maker in the list,it features a non-stick heating plate that prevents the food from sticking to plates. 

Unlike the other makers, this ergonomic handle comes with a regular handle. It has a heat resistant material that protects us from burning and so makes holding the handle an easy task. Also, it is available with an indicator light like other sandwich makers in the list, that indicates when the device is plugged in, ready to cook and the grill is preheated. It is available with two indicator lights, one is green, and the other is red that indicates power. In contrast, a green one shows the grill is ready.

It is offered with a warranty of one year and it consumes 800W and weighs around 1.2Kgs.


  • Large handle and thus easy to handle
  • Non-sticking plate, which makes it easy to clean and more hygienic
  • Automated machine, no efforts which making sandwiches required
  • Comes with signalling machines, which quickly indicates the completion of the process
  • Consumes lower energy as it is of 800W only
  • It is very lightweight and compact and thus easy to carry and store.


  • Cord length is small
  • Requires relatively longer time
  • Fixed handles make it difficult to make more oversized sandwiches
  • Grill based, so spilling of ingredients is very likely.

4. Bajaj Majesty SWX400:

This comes from the trusted and reputed house of Bajaj. It comes with a dual-tone, with white on the outside and black grill inside.

It is a panini-style grill maker, with non-stick coating on the grill, giving longevity to the sandwich maker. It has 700W power and thus lowers energy consumption. It has a neat and compact design with a weight of 1.3kg, making it pretty lightweight and easy to handle.

It comes with an anti-skid base helps to keep the sandwich maker at one place while keeping it at steady. It claims to be ideal for working couples, as it is easy to use as well as requires not many human efforts.

Also, its handle is built into the machine, making it pretty less breakable, and it is made of heat resistant material. This machine from Bajaj comes with a power on/off indicator. Thus the sandwiches can be made while doing other work. It also has a cord winder present at the base, making it easy to store. The product comes with a year’s warranty.


  • Huge handles with non-skid legs to keep it steady
  • Comes with high-quality non-stick grills
  • Consumes lesser energy as requires 700W power only
  • Comes with high-end design
  • Has automated on and off signals for sandwich-making completion.


  • Less power thus requires a longer time
  • The cord is pretty small
  • Also, the grill could be larger to accommodate the whole bread.

5. Pigeon 750W 4 Slice Grill Sandwich Maker: Best Sandwich Maker In India

Another well-known brand in India, it has been in use in the middle-class household for very long. With it being only 1.2 Kgs, makes it very lightweight. It has the power of 750W and requires significantly less energy for usage. But the cord length is only 1m, relatively easy to store but less favourable for moving. It has automated on/off power signals.

It has a coating on both sides of the grill which is non-stick, thus easier to manage and better life. The design of the sandwich maker is sleek and elegant and so small in size that can be easily carried in a suitcase.

The design is shockproof, and the outer body is heat resistance and easy to handle. It also has a skid-proof base helps in steadying the machine and comes with a year warranty and guarantee.


  • Minimal in size and compact and this can be easily carried in a suitcase to picnics.
  • 750W power uses lower energy consumption.
  • Relatively easy to clean and use due to the non-stick grill base.
  • Non-skid base to steady the base while using
  • Easy to store as the cord is small.


  • Lower power usage thus requires a lot of time for completion.
  • Automated temperature setting, therefore the desired extent of toast can not be obtained.
  • Small cord, not possible for much movement.

6. Cello Superclub 200:

It is one of the bigger grills, used mainly for making much and more gigantic sandwiches. It comes with a two-slice press grill. It comes with floating hinge handles, making it easier to make larger and wider sandwiches in it. It makes two sandwiches at one go. Although the outer material is made of plastic, it claims to have no problem in the product’s longevity. 

It comes with a two years warranty and also has automated power cut along with adjustable temperature settings. It has light indicators and power of 750W.

It has a cover which is made up of stainless steel. Also, it weighs around 1.5Kgs.


  • Lower power consumption and thus requires more time for preparation.
  • The non-stick coating is twicely advanced and more durable than this brand’s other products. It makes the process much healthier as it automatically removes the butter and excess oil during cooking.
  • Adjustable height and enormous handles for more comfortable usage.
  • It is easy to maintain and comes with cord winders at the base.
  • It claims to be eco-friendly.


  • Some users have complained about having no proper grilling by use of this.
  • It takes a longer time to bake/grill/toast.
  • The cord is tiny.


Havells has been an integral part of our household when it comes to kitchen appliances and various electronic items, so how could they not make one of the best sandwich makers? 

It has been designed as a two-slice sandwich maker that has an outer stainless steel finish to give it a sleek look and to maintain a relaxed external body.

It has a coating on the grills which is non-stick, for better maintenance and easiness in cleaning. It helps maintain the hygiene of the product as well as the food. Also, it has deeper grooves for more stuffing in the sandwiches.

It comes with a hinged lock on the handle, for better and easier closing of the lids. It also features automated power on/off buttons.

What’s more? It is offered with two types of plates, i.e. grill as well as a triangle-cut plate for sandwiches. It can be stored in small spaces as it is compact too. It comes with a two years warranty.


  • Consumes lower energy as it uses 640W-800W power.
  • It has multi-uses.
  • Non-skid finish for steady placement during use.
  • Stainless steel outer finish for more relaxed touch and sleek finish
  • Easy hinged safety locks for better performance
  • Deeper grooves for more fillings in the sandwich


  • The cord length is small, so not much movable
  • As it uses lower power, it takes more time to grill or toast.


Although an old player in the market, it gained popularity only in recent years with some of their new and better products, in which this grill toaster is one of them.

This two-slice sandwich maker, being compact, can be placed and stored anywhere for use. It has anti-skid feet which help in staying at a place without slipping around while making sandwiches.

It comes with oil drip features so that the excess oil can automatically be removed. It is available with a cool-touch body and cord winder. With a 700W power and two years warranty, it is one of the best in the field.


  • Compact size and cord winder- better for storage in smaller areas
  • Anti-skid technology helps with better rigidity
  • Cool front handle to carry around 
  • Less energy consumption due to lower power usage


  • Sandwiches having much more filling or heavy bread can’t be accommodated with the closing of the lid.

Buying Guide To Best Sandwich Maker In India

1. The surface:

Whatever be the brand you go for, the main thing to look for is the surface of the sandwich maker, i.e. the coating of the plate. The most suitable one is the Teflon Non-Stick surface. As it reduces the amount of oil or fat going in the sandwiches and thus, they help maintain our health.

Moreover, non-stick surfaces are easy to clean and thus they are more hygienic, as if the leftover food is present, it will lead to the growth of harmful bacteria, which are bad for our health.

2. Handles:

It is one of the safety features of the device, that is to be considered before buying. The handles of the sandwich makers come in two types, either plastic or steel. It isn’t challenging to detect, which one will be cheaper. Yes, the plastic handles containing sandwich makers are although more affordable, but they aren’t staying in for the long run.

With heating and reheating, the quality of the plastic diminishes, as they are not made to be used as heat insulators or conductors. So. it’s better not to compromise with the handle of the sandwich maker’s quality and go for stainless steel.

3. Number of Slices:

Like everything else, the sandwich maker comes in all sizes. It is highly dependent on the number of landing places. For an individual or a small-sized family, the sandwich maker with two squares ( that are four triangles) is satisfactory.

The slicing depends on the number of eaters, i.e. how large your family is. If it’s a medium-sized or big family, one can go for the four square slices( which can form 8 triangles) or a panini press sandwich maker.

4. Size:

It is the size of the sandwich maker, which in turn depends upon the number of slices present for sandwich making. The size basically depends on the storage space current in the house.

A compact sandwich maker, although will make tiny ones, will take up less space and can be easily stored. In contrast, a larger one, will make a more significant and larger number of sandwiches, and more convenient to work with, but it will cost more as well as take up a lot of space.

5. Power of the Sandwich Maker:

It is one of the vital criteria to check before buying any device. The higher is the power mentioned about the device, the faster it will make the sandwiches(that’s what we want, don’t we?).

The ability of the sandwich maker also depends upon its size. A high power one does save us a lot of time. But with the higher power, comes the higher electricity consumption( you can’t have only pros without any cons).

On average, the small-sized sandwich maker comes with power that varies from 700W to 1200W. It’s better to go for a maker with a power requirement of 700W- 750W.

6. Price Check:

Although it’s recommended to go for a better option by paying a tad bit extra, only when the cheaper is of lousy quality or harmful, it does not mean going overboard with prices and features that can be avoided.

Although everyone has different budgets, we should only get something that can justify the money we paid for the same. To help you find better products as per your budget and requirements, the top products are listed here.

7. Heating settings:

This temperature/heating setting is essential for grilling and toasting. The machine comes with both adjustable as well as fixed heating. Although only a few advanced sandwich makers come with features of adjustable heating settings, helping you get your desired level of crispness and colour.

And the fixed ones come with a set of green and red light, where the red light automatically changes to green on the completion of the process and prevents it from getting burnt and indicates that the sandwich is ready to be served.

An additional feature is the cord length, which although secondary but helps in movement of the maker at your desired position, rather than being fixed at one place.

Another additional feature is a warranty as well as sales service of the brand.


Our lives, along with our kitchens, are getting smarter every day, and it’s the need of the time. Having a nice sandwich in a hurry before going to the office is made easy with the help of a sandwich maker.

With an impressive size, and well-built body, the Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster, is quite fascinating and very useful. Although it uses a lot of power, in this fast world, it makes the work faster.

Having an adjustable temperature setting is helpful in getting the desired crunch on the outside. Along with sandwich making, this product can be used for grilling of steaks, kebabs, burgers or patties in it.

Thus, just paying a tad bit more can provide you with this multi-functional machine, which if bought separately would cost a lot more. Also, that grilled texture looks super cool on your sandwiches.

Also, you would get whole bread sandwiches without any slicing. So, enjoy your full bread sandwiches and share your opinions with us.

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