5 Best Monitor Under 5000 In 2021

best monitor under 5000

Searching for the Best Monitor Under 5000? Then we made a detailed post on the same about the Best Monitor Under 5000 as let us get started with it.

In earlier days, the computers were fitted with a panel of light bulbs, which helped the engineers to monitor the inner state of the machine, and later this panel of bulbs came to be known as monitors.

And with more research and development in that area, it was seen that the output of CRT was more flexible than the panel of light bulbs and thus CRT screens were developed, which gave more power to the monitors.

Mainly the monitors were data processing devices, whereas the TVs were mainly used for entertainment. But now this has changed, monitors are used for entertainment as well as data processing purposes. 

Monitors are the main part of the PC assembly. Monitor is the displaying part of the PC which provides the visible output from the work we are doing. We spend most of the time in front of it and generally this is the part that gets the least of your attention.

But it is good to remember that this should get the most attention while upgrading or buying a nice PC set. The most important objective of a good monitor is that it allows you to see the work clearly that is being done by you without having to put strain on your eyes and also without having to tilt your neck to get the best viewing angle.

There are five different types of monitor screen available-  LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display), OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), LED (Light Emitting Diodes) , CRT( Cathode Ray Tube) and Plasma Monitors.

Monitors are used in a variety of ways by gamers or photo editors or by the people in business or by people using it for general purposes. 

Bad monitors can, at times, leave a negative impression in other people’s life. And if the display is bad, it affects your productivity and the overall efficiency.

Top 5 Best Monitor Under 5000

1. Acer 18.5 inch HD Backlit LED LCD Monitor

A high quality monitor from the brand of Acer, which has been raging the markets from 1976.  They are known for their durable and reliable products. They have proved their being the best with this product and it’s cheap price.

With the highest resolution upto 1366 pixels x 768 pixels, this 18.5 inches LED monitor comes with a backlight screen feature. This is majorly a general purpose monitor rather than a professional or a gaming monitor.

It has the response time of 5 ms, which is like the slowest response time for a gaming monitor, but it is quite apt to keep up with your keystrokes and has the refresh rates of 60 Hz. 

It comes with Adaptive Contrast Management(ACM) which helps in adjusting the contrast ratio of the image, it is like, when you open up some image but it’s too bright, this ACM will automatically adjust the image accordingly, to enhance color quality. 

Along with good performance it comes with an energy-efficient panel which works on lower power consumption.  

This monitor comes with a TN panel display.it has comfortable display viewing which supposedly prevents your eyes from harmful radiations as it filters out blue light too. It has horizontal viewing angles of 95 degrees and it’s supporting range of 65 degrees. 

It also has flicker-less technology, which reduces the flicker which comes from the monitor. 

It comes with a VGA connectivity option only.


  • It is very cheap according to the features that it comes with.
  • It comes with a 3 years warranty too.
  • Also the response time of 5 ms, which is very good for a general purpose use monitor.
  • It is powered with TN panels.
  • Also as it filters out the blue light, it is possible to be worked on for longer hours. 
  • Also it comes with Adaptive Contrast Management, which creates a good quality image of frame to frame display.
  • And also low on power- consumption.


  • Comes with only VGA connectivity and lacks HDMI connectivity
  • The viewing angles aren’t very appreciative and also the visual’s quality is very basic 
  • Also the outer look of the monitor is not very great.

2. LG 20-inch HD Ready Monitor: Best Monitor Under 5000

With a boasting screen display of 20 inches from the brand of LG, it is easily one of the attractive ones out there. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is a standard and can produce brightness upto 200 cd/m2   

This is the largest display size one can get under 5000. 

It comes with 768 pixels HD ready resolution, which gives quite good picture quality and a better shutter rate.

The main allure of the monitor is it’s response rate of 2 ms, which makes it a reasonable choice for a gamer too. And has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, providing a very smooth display.

It also has a TN powered display panel, which produces accurate color on the display.

What’s more interesting? Have a shortage of space, no worries, it is wall mountable as well. It has both HDMI and VGA connectivity options, so can be used as monitor as well as TV because of the HDMI option.

It has a viewing angle of 90 degrees, thus having no issues with the same.

It also comes with a three years warranty from the brand.


  • Quite a large screen of 20 inches is provided.
  • It comes with (1366p x 768p) HD ready resolution
  • It has both HDMI and VGA ports and thus this monitor can work as a TV because of the HDMI connectivity. 
  • Has a response rate of 2 ms, quite favorable for gaming.
  • Comes with an warranty of 5 years
  • It can be mounted on the wall as well


  • The visual quality isn’t very good.
  • Does not have Adaptive Contrast Management technology for better visuals. 
  • Has TN powered tech panels.

3. Acer 19.5-inch Monitor with Stereo Speakers

With a 16.7 million color supported display, this comes from the brand of Acer which comes with one VGA connectivity and one HDMI connectivity option and one audio-out port.

The resolution of the display is 1366 pixels x 768 pixels resolving HD ready display. It has the response rate of 5 ms and the refresh rate of 60 Hz, and with that response rate it is mostly a monitor for general use rather than for gaming purposes. 

The monitor has an additional feature of anti-glare coating on the display, which is favorable for the people working in front of the monitor for a longer time. 

And the major factor is that it comes with in-built two 1W. Although the speakers produce average quality sound, they can be used for casual listening to music and for a video conferencing.

It is also powered by TN tech panels. It also has special features for adjusting the display profile according to the media you are viewing. 

They have a power consumption of 16.2 W, which is quite low and can be said that this model is a energy-efficient system.

It comes with a warranty of 36 months only.


  • It has a VGA port, a HDMI port and an audio port.
  • With a display resolution of 1368 pixels X 768 pixels resolving HD ready.
  • Is low on power consumption
  • Quite good response rate at 5 ms. 
  • Anti-glare coating makes it easier for working long hours in front of the monitor
  • Comes with an automatic display setting for changing the frame according to the media you are viewing.
  • It comes with an in-built stereo system, useful while video conferencing or enjoying music casually.


  • The speaker quality is below average
  • Comes with a warranty of only 36 months
  • Powered by TN tech panels
  • The visual quality is very average.

4. AOC 19.5-inch IPS Computer Monitor

From the brand of AOC, comes a product powered by a different tech panel than TN. This 19.5 inches, ultra-slim display screen laptop comes powdered with IPS tech panel, for more improved contrast and color sharpness. It has a resolution of 1440 pixels x 900 pixels. Although TN is cheaper to IPS, they have better response time.

Also the IPS panels are known to have better viewing angles and better color enhancement, but come on a tad bit more cash. 

This can be your choice because of the superb picture quality with outstanding viewing angle and consistent color. 

What’s more? It comes with FFC(Federal Communications Commissions, which certifies that the electromagnetic interference is under the limits) and cTUVus certification as well. 

It has the refresh rates of 60 Hz and the response rate of 6 ms, making it more of a general purpose monitor. It claims to have been developed keeping energy consumption in mind, with 21 watts of energy. It comes with a 3 years on-site warranty.


  • Comes with an IPS powdered tech panel, which provides better contrast and color sharpness
  • The outlook of the monitor is ultra slim with a display of 19.5 inches.
  • It has FFC as well as cTUVus stamp of certification 
  • It comes with a warranty of three years, which is pretty good
  • It claims to be energy efficient with power consumption of 21 watts.
  • Has quite good resolution: 1440 pixels x 900 pixels.


  • Has lower response rates, with 6 ms, making it slower in comparison to TN powered tech panel

5. Dell E2016HV – 19.5” HD backlit monitor

Planning to buy a monitor, this should be your choice without any second thoughts, from Dell, because of it’s good response rate of 5 ms and refresh rate of 60 Hz. This premium yet thick model comes with a tiltable stand. The lower response rate makes it a good choice for gamers too.

With a screen size of 19.5 inches and a resolution of 1600 pixels x 900 pixels.

For better response time the tech panel is powered by TN.

This monitor has a good viewing angle of 90 degrees horizontally and 65 degrees vertically, so that you have a comfortable display from every angle.

Also it comes with VGA connectivity option only. 

As the color reproduction is average,mainly because of the TN tech panel it is better not used  for video or photo editing.

It comes with a warranty of three years.


  • Fast response time mainly because of the TN tech panel, i.e 5 ms making it a good choice for gamers too.
  • It has brilliant display with resolution of 1600 pixels x 900 pixels
  • Comfortable viewing from any angle with 90 degrees horizontal and 65 degrees vertical viewing angle given.
  • Comes with a tiltable stand, helps in reducing the strain on the neck.
  • Comes with a three years warranty and impressive built.


  • Absence of blue light filter, makes it a bad choice for long working hours in front o the monitor
  • Come with only a VGA connectivity option. No HDMI option available.
  • The color reproduction is average, making it not so good for photo editing.

Buying Guide To Best Monitor Under 5000

This is an understandable thing, that whatever feature you want to be in you monitor, always see to it that it’s in your budget.

  • The purpose for which the monitor is going to be used:

You need to be clear about the purpose for which the monitor is going to be used, i.e. general use or professional use or gaming purpose, as all the different purposes require different types of monitor. 

Like gamers would generally prefer a monitor with low response time and fast refresh rates. Whereas, a profession would codify for better color accuracy and although general users have no such specific requirements, they might require one with a high-contrast VA ( vertical alignment ) panel.

  • Resolution of the monitor:

The better is the resolution, the better is the picture. The number of pixels in the monitor’s width x height format tells us about it’s resolution. The minimum pixels, nowadays, is 1080p/HD/Full HD(FHD), which has 1920 x 1080 resolution.it will provide sharp display and that has to be prioritised.

But with QHD (Quad High Definition) you get sharper images and with 4K the images are even sharper and pronounced. Resolutions that are available are –  1080p, 1440p, 4K, 5K and 8K. Though the last three aren’t under Rs.5000. They are just mere options available in the market.

  • Size of the display:

The monitors are available in a lot of sizes. Previously the ones with 15 inches to 17 inches display were pretty common, but nowadays, a lot larger options are available, commonly between 22 inches to 27 inches, though it’s better to go for the middle ones with 22 inches display, as they can be put anywhere and aren’t very small too.

The monitor quality majorly depends upon the pixel density. The best one is 109 pixels per inch(ppi). The low pixel density on a larger monitor will cause it to have lower resolution. Typically for a general monitor, 32 inches is quite good.

Also the one with the adjustable heights are preferable, then you wouldn’t have to put much strain on your neck.

  • Refresh rates:

This is an added feature, if you aren’t too specific, you can ignore this.The bigger the refresh rate, the better it is. This property tells us about the number of times your monitor refreshes in seconds, to provide new and updated information and is measured in hertz. The larger are the numbers, the better and less choppy are the images. 

If you are a gamer and planning to buy a gaming monitor, this parameter is very important, like you wouldn’t want to miss a good target because of a bad display. For a gaming monitor, the average refresh rates should be 75 Hz, although the gaming monitors generally offer around 144 Hz. And if you are buying a general laptop, then a 60Hz one is sufficient. 

  • Response rate:

As you can guess, the smaller it is the better your operations are gonna be. But this is not that important if you aren’t a gamer and getting a gaming monitor. This response times tells you about how much time it’s gonna take for changing from one pixel to another or from one scale of gray to another.

So what happens when the response time is longer? Well you see blurred pictures at times during gaming or watching fast-paced videos.  The fastest response time for a gaming monitor is around 0.5ms and it goes highest upto only 5ms. 

  • Panel tech:

The fastest are said to be the TN( Twisted Nematic) monitors, also cheapest too but, the image quality is quite poor when viewed from the side angle. IPS( In-Panel switching) offer better response time.

But the VA ( Vertical Alignment) has the best color contrast in three of them. We can say the image quality is: TN< IPS< VA .  For a general use monitor, contrasts are the most important and thus VA is the best option for it, making the picture look more realistic. 

  • Curved or flat monitor :

Although there is no limit to being fancy,the ultra-wide may look fascinating first,but there isn’t much difference it makes in the experience. The basic LED monitors with aspect ratio (16:9), good viewing angles and high contrast is good to use too. This aspect ratio of 16:9  is good for gaming as well as movie watching.

Though monitors of aspect ratios with 21:9 are available, but they are better for hardcore gaming.

The curved ones provide a more wide-view and are immersive with a large field for viewing, which is said to be less eye-straining.  Although they produce glare too, when viewed from some specific angles. They are generally higher costing monitors with at least 30 inches with ultra-wide features.

The chronology of the specification in this parameter is like, if it’s 1800R curvature, it comes with a curvature radius of 1800mm and the best viewing distance is said to be 1.8 metres. The lower is the radius of curvature, the more curved is the display.

  • Ports and connectivity :

This is considered the most important factor for buying a monitor. Previously, a VGA and DVI would suffice. But now you need to make sure that your monitor comes with all input options, like HDMI, DisplayPorts, Mini DisplayPort and USB-C, although the latest models have USB-A too.


Looking at all the options, you are bound to get confused. All the monitors have some really good and some slightly less flattering features. So which to buy? Well that totally depends on choices and requirement, but if you ask us, we would say, looking at all the features and getting the reviews, 

Acer 18.5 inch HD Backlit LED LCD Monitor, is the best option.

Although it has only one connectivity option of VGA and lacks the HDMI connectivity, it makes up for this, with its other features. It is powered by a TN tech panel, which provides better response rates but lower color and contrast.

But this disadvantage is easily managed by the ACM( Adaptive Contrast Management ), which automatically adjusts the contrast of the image frame to frame while watching any movies or videos or any other still media too. Also if the contrast is too high it automatically adjusts that too.

It comes with a resolution of 1366 pixels x 768 pixels, which produces average standard image quality. It is a backlit LED monitor. Although with response time of 5 ms, it is a monitor used for general purposes rather than any specific purpose. It comes with a warranty of three years from Acer, which is a nice add-on and an energy-efficient model too.

And a main advantage of this is that it comes with a blue light filter, which protects your eyes from straining too much and helps you work in front of the monitor for a longer time.

It is to be mentioned that the prices may vary from time to time.

The final call for buying the one remains with you. Have you tried any other monitor under 5000 which has satisfied all your requirements? Do let us know what should have a definite add-on to the list which we may have missed. And share your opinions if you have tried any of them. We will be happy to hear from you.

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