5 Best Laptop Under 35000 In India (2021)

Best Laptop Under 35000

Are you looking for Best laptop under 35000 then you are in the right place as we will be telling you Best laptop under 35000 that you can get for your school or office use.

With the increase in technology and advancement in this field, sometimes it is difficult and painful to find a good laptop within the defined price range. These laptops can vary in specifications which makes it hard to select the best.

Buying a laptop is a very important investment for any individual. In this generation having a laptop is very important since every work is done online. Especially looking at the scenario right now what is happening around the world, online working is very important.

Some people may not afford very expensive laptops hence this article helps those specific consumers to buy laptops within a limited range.

Even though the price range is fixed it is always advisable that a consumer while buying a laptop looks at the following criteria such as the CPU processor, RAM, and Storage. The best CPU process so at this price range will be the internet chain and the seventh and i3 processors.

It can easily handle workloads which are medium, web browsing, viewing of the media, and light gaming as well. Coming to Ram the minimum these computers will have a Ram is of 4GB and the maximum will be of 8GB.

Under the criterion of storage, the maximum they can have is 1 TB and the minimum is 256 GB. The storage option is always very important and necessary to check while buying laptops.

Following are the available best laptop under 35000 in india:

5 Best Laptop Under 35000 (2020)

1. Lenovo Ideapad S145:

Lenovo Laptop
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Lenovo Ideapad S145

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The laptops by Lenovo have been playing a very crucial role in the Indian market. This company has been flourishing with a lot of budget laptops that interest the buyers. Several laptops by Lenovo are affordable to normal consumers and are also in the mid-range budget.

This product is also one of the latest products introduced by this company Lenovo and is well within the range of Rs.35,000. The design of this laptop is very well built and framed. It is one of the finest laptops with a metallic design inspired look.

The device gives the feel of premium. It has minimal bezels on either side of the display which makes it look bigger and standing. The laptop screen can be rotated up to 180° rotation.

It is installed with the 10th generation i3 processor. The processor has a minimum range of 1.2 GHz and a maximum of 3.4 GHz said. It has 4GB RAM and has very good graphics. It can also be used by users who are interested in gaming.

It has a slot for an SSD card as well. It is a 15.6-inch display with a Full HD panel and has amazing resolution pixels. The colors would be very bright and vivid. It is operating with the Windows 10 system and has an updated software system.

It has a decent amount of battery life. It can run for about five hours on medium usage. As per the market, this product is the best to buy within this price range. It has a great functioning and all the required software system.


  • It has a premium design 
  • It can be rotated to 180°
  • It has a great quality of robust built 


  • It does not have a USB C 
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2. Acer Aspire 3

Acer Laptop
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Acer Aspire 3

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This is the second best laptop which is available in the market. Acer has been a very promising company when it comes to producing laptops as a product. They have quite a few budgeted laptops.

This is a very low-cost laptop that comes with the eighth-generation Intel i3 processor. It has a metal classic brushed through classy design. It is billed with the best quality within the range.

The design is very minimal and there is no friction. The keyboards are laid out with proper space which is sufficient. The laptop is very effective and there is a proper cooling surface as well for the laptop when it gets heat up.

This product has a very good performance rate and a processor within this budget. The four core processor works effectively and effortlessly with the apps installed. The user can also play various games with the designated software and system.

They have a 4GB RAM  which makes multitasking very easy. This product is equipped with Windows 10 software which is compatible.

It has a battery life of up to 5 to 6 hours. It has the option of energy-efficient see which can be used with very little brightness. This is very easy to use a laptop and it’s quite fast with the RAM processor.


  • It has a dual speaker which is already built-in 
  • It has an operating system already loaded 
  • It is a multi-gesture laptop 


  • The brightness level is quite decent 
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3. Asus Vivobook 15: Best Asus Laptop Under 35000

Asus Laptop
Best Asus Laptop

Asus Vivobook 15

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The company Asus is quickly building and making its place in the market. It gives serious competition to HP and Dell due to the giant laptops. It produces a lot of budget laptops that range within the Rs.35,000 bracket.

This product seems to have great quality and design. It is a very premium laptop and is very similar to the VivoBook laptops as well. The design of this laptop is so magnificent that some people tend to get confused between MacBook Air.

It is made up of a plastic hardshell with metallic brushed designs  which seems to be very popularising. It has great performance since it is loaded with the eighth-generation Intel Core i3 processor with 2.1 GHz.

It has a 4G GB Ram which can be doubled up at the convenience of the user and to speed up the multi-functioning. It is a 15.6-inch widescreen display with great resolution. It has an anti glaring screen that restricts excess light.

This product has great visuals that look sharp and clear and it has minimal bezels. It has great connectivity since it has 2 USB ports and a single USB 3.1 port with a USB C port. It has a great battery lasting upto 6 hours a day.

This is a great laptop within the budget. It is also compact and lightweight so that anybody could use it while travelling.


  • It has a great and premium design 
  • It is lightweight, portable and compact 
  • It has Loudspeakers


  • It does not have a specific GDU 
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4. HP Notebook 15: Best Hp Laptop Under 35000

HP Laptop
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HP Notebook 15

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HP is known to be one of the most popular laptop brands in the Indian market. It is very popular in consumer electronics. It is very popular amongst usage within the students. It has a great design with amazing durability.

It has a normal standard of look to appeal to the users. The screens are white and the operation of this device is ultra-smooth. The C deck on such laptops within the budget has an amazing texture and works very fast.

It has a metallic backplate which helps in the signing of the laptop. It has a five processor and minimal blaze. I have stated that this laptop is the best for usage by students because it is the best for academic orientation work.

The software used to be sure is Windows 10 which is very easy and consumer-friendly to use. It has a 4GB Ram which helps in multitasking. The laptop also has great graphic designing animals. It is a 15.6-inch display with great resolution.

The display covers very bright and large colour reproduction. It has great connectivity since it has 2 USB 3.1 ports and one USB 2.0 port. It helps to increase the connectivity process; the battery life of this product can only last up to 5 hours.

This is one of the best laptops in the market and is being used for any academic kind of process. It is with the latest generation processor and it has a decent quality of the screen.


  • It is built solid 
  • It has a decent display 
  • It has a powerful performance 


  • It does not have a full HD display 
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5. Dell Inspiron 3000: Best Dell Laptop Under 35000

Dell Laptop
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Dell Inspiron 3000

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Dell has quite a few laptops which range within the price range that this article specifies. They have quite a few well designed and are good at software laptops.

This laptop targets the school and the office population hence it is affordable but with very high reliability. It is a very oriented budget laptop. One of the disadvantages of the company is to produce its laptop.

It has cut the cost down which does not focus on the quality department. The construction of the laptop is majorly on plastic. This design is very simple and it is minimalistic.

It has some shortcuts and can be very aggressive. It is equipped with a three processor that is equipped to do the basic tasks that any budget laptop can perform. It has a 4GB RAM which allows an only light form of multitasking.

There isn’t any specific GPU or any handling of the graphics. The laptop comes with a 15.6 inch HD display which offers great visual performance. It also exhibits a good amount of colors and brightness and then the HD screen.

It has a hard drive which is 1 TB. It has great storage hence it is good for the people who go to the office and for students. It has a 20 GB word cloud storage. It is also combined with the operating system of Windows 10 and MS office 2016.

With this great storage that this laptop offers, it is highly beneficial for people who focus on buying a laptop so that we can store a lot of documents. It can be beneficial for those people who wish to buy laptops for academic purposes.

It can be used continuously for about five hours with a single charge. The final verdict is that this laptop is the best for any beginner who is trying to get familiar with the usage of the laptop. It is also low-cost and one can have a great experience with this budget.


  • It has a great built it stereo speaker 
  • It has amazing connectivity features 
  • It has a good webcam 


  • The laptop can be a bit heavy to carry around 
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Buying Guide for Best Laptop Under 35000

People usually tend to buy laptops within a budget focusing on the wrong aspects. Some people are very clueless as to what aspects should be looked at. This buying guide will help the users to look at the necessary pointers.

  • Processor: Within this budget range the Intel eighth-gen processor has not yet been launched hence the uses cannot be picky and they have to go for the seventh-gen core i5 and core i3 chipsets. Some of the laptops which come within this process or are very affordable, decent, well-designed, and pocket friendly for casual purposes. If a user is looking for a heavy laptop then it is recommended that they would have to choose the Intel core i5 processor.
  • RAM and storage: it is very common to see that all laptops these days have 4GB RAM. But in case we see that the user is using the laptop very often then it is suggested that they would have to purchase a laptop with 8GB RAM or an expandable RAM slot. It is very important for the user to look at the cache memory availability and a number of levels of cache. One should always keep in mind that the better the cache memory, the memory speed, and the processing speed is much faster. It is important to keep in mind that RAM allows multifunction and multitasking for the user. Hence better is better for the user. 
  • Graphics card: A graphics card that is well within the price range is difficult to find but it is always suggested to use a graphic card even if the laptop is weak in its performance. The suggested graphic cards for the laptops above within this price range are Nvidia GeForce 920MX and AMD Radeon R5. 
  • Display: The display is something that is to be considered by every computer. If the window or the computer has a bad display it can affect the experience of the individual. It is often seen that in our budget computer the manufacturers tend to cut down their cost when it comes to displaying. Make sure that these budgeted laptops do have a good display panel.
  • Keyboard and Touchpad: these two factors are also very important and often very overlooked by the consumers. Usually, good laptops have very spaced out keyboards so that it is comfortable for the user to type. Hence these features should not be overlooked even if the user tends to buy a budget laptop.
  • Build Quality: It is very important to see the overall build quality of the laptop and the touchpad. The finishing of the laptop should be built in a very precise manner. With such low budget laptops, it is often seen that the build is compromised. Some of these low-budget laptops have a metallic finishing over the plastic body.
  • Speaker: this is a very important criterion in laptops. It is often seen that a low-budget laptop will have speakers but they don’t function that well in the way that they aren’t very loud or can have a low bass.
  • Weight: it is very important to see the weight of the laptop. People usually would prefer laptops which are under 2 kg. These days a lightweight laptop that is very compact in its shape and display is preferred much more than heavyweight laptops. It will be easier to transport and port around with these lightweight laptops. 
  • Battery life: One wouldn’t want to keep on charging the laptop all the time when it is being used. Hence it is always advised to go for laptops that have better battery life. It is often seen that budget laptops do not have many laptops under them with better battery life. Hence it is always preferred to see that even within this range the user must check which laptop has the best battery life and go on to buying that one. In this article, we see that these budget laptops have a battery life of up to 5 hours which is efficient for these kinds of laptops.
  • Number of ports: This is one of the most important criteria since connectivity is a very important option. It is very important to connect devices to the laptop for transferring media and information. Hence the usage of words is very important and it is required that a good laptop will have a lot of ports available.
  • Operating System: It is important to see that the operating system in the laptops are of the latest version. In these budgeted laptops it is seen that all of them have Windows 10 operating system. 
  • Upgradability and Warranty: Since laptops and part of the technological field, it is seen that sometimes they cannot be flexible. It is possible that one can upgrade the RAM and storage. Nowadays some of these laptop brands provide additional slots which are available in the build system of the laptop. The users can put a SSD card in these slots which helps in the increasing or upgrading of space. Another factor to look is at the warranty. Laptops since they are known sometimes not to be flexible and can have a few wrong parts within them hence it is always advised that a user should have a proper warranty stamp with them while purchasing the laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions: About Best Laptop Under 35000

Which laptop is the best for programming?

It is seen that programming does not put a lot of load on the CPU. So any laptop with the Intel Core i3 processor and the 8GBRAM will be perfect for programming.

Looking at the year and generation is 8GB RAM sufficient? 

Yes, 8GB RAM is the perfect for all kinds of situations and the price range as well. 8GB RAM  will have all the multifunctioning and the multitasking facilities that any laptop would require.

Is it good enough to play games on these laptops? 

Since these laptops are within a particular price range and do not have a lot of modern facilities it is not advised to play games that these laptops can’t handle. However, we can play some of the games which are installed in the laptop such as Minecraft and much more since they can run flawlessly on any of these devices.


This article hopes to help its readers who were searching for the best laptop under 35000. The article has enlisted five laptops which are the best in the Indian market within this price range and also a guide which is very important for the people to focus on while purchasing.

Technology these days has reached everywhere and people usually tend to make mistakes while purchasing. Hence this article will help the readers in making their purchase more economical and worth the investment.

These laptops have been chosen after several research and tests on these products. The links to purchase these products are mentioned below hence it is advised that the readers purchase these products quickly after study.

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