6 Best Laptop Brand In India (2021) – Compared

Best Laptop Brand In India

Are you looking for Best Laptop Brand In India? Then we have made a list of 6 Best Laptop Brand In India that you can get for your laptop purchase.

Finding a laptop is like putting a thread into a needle without the lights on, I mean seriously, its a task. Not because there are little options to choose from, but errr.. just the opposite.

There are so many choices and so many laptops to choose from that you can possibly go nuts – different models, different versions, countless features which, not to mention, keep getting added on and on and on.

I mean it’s a good thing certainly, but then again the tricky part is choosing the right laptop out of all the available choices.

And who doesn’t need a laptop in today’s time? It’s as much necessary as is a smartphone. Laptops are almost a primary need for development.

They are used almost everywhere, right from our workplace, home office, college, even schools these days. Maybe you want to buy it for work, maybe you want to buy it for studies, maybe you want to buy it for gaming stuff or maybe you just want to buy it for general use. 

The reason laptops are highly preferred is because they are reliable and they are portable, as they run on batteries and don’t need a cable connection to operate.

You can carry it around, you can use it anywhere you want. Which just makes it a great gadget. 

So now let’s just get started. Here’s what we think is the Best Laptop Brand in India. Have a look.

6 Best Laptop Brand In India (2020)

1. Apple

apple logo

I mean obviously, you had it in mind, didn’t you? Because if we are to review the best laptop brands, it’s just not possible that Apple doesn’t make it to the list, and for that matter, the top of the list. Apple is one such brand that delivers a certain class with outstanding performance. The laptops have got a great design and have just been loved by the users. They are very fulfilling when it comes to making the customers happy. 

It basically has 3 models:

MacBook (12 inches)

MacBook Air (13.3 inches)

MacBook Pro (13-15 inches)

All three models are pretty great and satisfactory. Apple has got a really comfortable keyboard with a fairly fast processor.

It has got a long battery life, which is one of the strongest points when it comes to laptops. It has great storage and RAM. And the speakers give out the best output possible.

So without a doubt, Apple is one of the best brands of laptops out there. Trust me.


  • Classy and comfy
  • Fast performance
  • Good storage and RAM


  • Might pose as bit expensive
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2. Dell 

dell logo

Another brand name that’s impossible not to cross our minds when we think of the best laptop brands out there in the market. I am sure for half of the ones reading this, that our first desktops or laptops were of the brand Dell.

Dell has been a household name for a long time now. And it has surely earned that place and deserved it. Dell delivers one of the finest user experiences and great quality. It is a distinguished brand for its consistency and outstanding performance.

It has got an excellent design and offers great customer service after you have bought the product. Therefore, it, without a doubt, has been dominant in the premium market. 

It is commonly known as a laptop brand for every need. It offers a wide range of choices for all the budgets. 

Adding to the benefits, it comes with a substantial warranty. 


  • Excellent design and features
  • Great user experience
  • Wide range options available


  • The phone support system is not that good
  • Not a good choice for a low budget purchase
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3. HP 

hp logo

Now I bet you didn’t know the full form of HP is Hewlett Packard. Okay if you did, you are some kind of genius from some other world, alright? I have heard and used HP desktops and laptops for as long as I can remember.

They are widely known and very well reputed when it comes to great performance and output. HP offers great functionality and an elegant style of the structure. It’s made from a leather design and looks as excellent as it works.

Talking about the design, it comes with angles USB ports, any less than genius? I don’t think so.

It is mainly made for people working in offices or students using for study purposes or user using it for general work. It has a great battery life and fast processing. 

The new HP models have brought about great innovations, one of which is the webcam kill switch, what it basically does is, it cuts off the power supply to the front cam. HP is a range of budget laptops and quite affordable.

And if all this time you were looking for “that” particular information then here it is, it comes with a good one year warranty period. 


  • Budget laptops
  • Angled USB ports
  • Excellent battery life


  • Not a laptop for gaming and stuff
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4. Lenovo

lenovo logo

Lenovo is another one of the classy series of brands in the Indian market. Lenovo laptops are mostly either pitch dark or black in colour. Which speaks for itself, they are primarily designed for the working or business group of people.

The style isn’t very complex, it’s quite a simple look with great quality equipment employed. All the units and elements are pretty sharp with a great disposition. It is reliable, it is durable and pleasingly long-lasting.

It has got some really powerful processors that make it’s working really smart and quick. 

It has got a high-quality display and audio output. 

Needless to say, it doesn’t lack on the battery front as well. The battery life is long and lasting. 

It has recently innovated 3D graphic technology, is quite secure in all aspects and to our absolute joy, fairly reasonable. 


  • The best choice for the working class
  • Great battery life, visual and sound output
  • Durable and strong built


  • Relatively poor phone support
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5. Asus

asus logo

Another well-known brand in the Indian market for its excellent gadget range and innovative designs. Filled with outstanding innovation and technicalities, this brand offers a fairly impressive structure.

In fact, one of its models, Zenbook Pro 15 is the first-ever laptop to introduce a screenplay or as you may call a touchpad, that acts as a secondary screen.

The Asus laptop range is quite affordable but then again, it also ranges to those premium ones that cost a handful and are great for gaming and that kind of stuff.

So it comes with a whole range. It delivers a good battery life and the design is pretty compact and elegant. As is the performance it delivers, as strong and competent. 

And like all other brands we have discussed, it comes with a good one year warranty. 


  • Amazingly elegant design
  • Impressive innovations like introducing a screen pad
  • All budget range of laptops


  • The on-call customer service is relatively poor
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6. Acer

acer logo

Acer is a widely known multinational electronics company hailing from Taiwan. It also serves as the larger computer vendor in the whole wide world. And of course, it has its own range of laptops that made to this list.

But other than that, Acer also trades a fair share of gaming machines & desktops, TVs, tablets, smartphones, storage devices and other electronic equipment. 

Acer was originally known as Multitech but it was later renamed and got its popularly known name – Acer. 

Acer brings forth a whole load of impressive innovations and some good looking laptop designs. 

The range of laptops Acer covers is from the mainstream to the gaming ones, and that too at practically every budget.

Talking about innovating and taking “risks”, Acer brought about the thinnest laptop ever in the Acer Swift 7. 

Acer delivers a long-lasting battery life and powerful performance throughout. It also includes a wide range of ports for added benefit. 

And the best part? It has a fairly good technical support team, which seemed to be lacking even in most of the high degree brands. 


  • A wide range of laptops in all budgets
  • Good technical support
  • Good battery life


  • Designs could be a bit more innovate and interesting
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Well, these were some of the best brands in the business, to make the choice of your long-awaited laptop a bit easier. 

But even after knowing the best brands in business and simultaneously reading thousands of reviews about them, can still not make you confident enough to put your finger on any one of them.

It’s because every user’s requirements and experience might prove to be different than the other and it’s very important to choose a laptop that will best suit you and your needs. 

Therefore it’s very important to outline your needs. What is it that you want? Why are you buying a laptop? What is it you want the laptop to do for you?

Ask yourself such questions. 

And to make it even easier for you here’s a quick Buying Guide to help you understand the factors to consider before buying a laptop and then deciding which one serves the purpose for you perfectly. 

Best Laptop Brand In India: Buying Guide

Choose a platform: Now laptops come with mainly three operating systems. Namely Windows, Mac and Chrome OS. Now you may not feel so but this is an important choice to make before you set out to look for other features and make a purchase. 

Let’s look at basically what each OS offers: Windows: The most flexible OS among the three and therefore runs on more laptop models than the other two. It has got a wide range of features and options – to name a few, it uses the technology of touchscreen, it also uses fingerprint sensors and dual graphics chips. 

It is mostly suitable for students, people interested in research work, business people, and the best suited for gamers. 

It’s assisted by a digital assistant which is called Cortana. 

MAC: The OS of MAC is quite similar to the one with Windows. The main differences are, it’s digital assistant is called Siri and it doesn’t operate on touch, i.e. no touchscreen features.

You can, however, make transactions using Apple Pay through it, you can make calls, send texts and even unlock the laptop using your Apple watch. 

Chrome – Well, this one’s a fairly simple and secure OS. And therefore it offers relatively limited services. 

If you want to use the laptop for surfing the web, or for online chatrooms, or for checking the emails and stuff, then this one would be the best suited for you. It’s portable and has a good battery life. 

It’s most commonly used by schools and parents.

2 in 1: Now there are certain laptops that fall into this category, of 2 in 1. These laptops can switch between laptop-mode and tablet mode, just how you want.

There are basically two styles in which these 2 in 1 laptop are available – Detachables and Flexible. The Detachables are those laptops that can easily detach into two parts, where the screens detach entirely from the keyboards.

On the other hand, Flexibles are those laptops that can hinge back to a full 360 degrees to change it into a tablet. 

Although both of them serve the same purpose, still these structures are good at serving one purpose better than the other. For example, the bend backs serve much better as laptops, on the other hand, detachables serve much better as tablets. 

Size: I know at this point you might go like “Of…course!!!” Because same. Size is one factor that you compulsorily need to consider while setting out to buy a laptop. Because size will majorly affect two things – it’s portability and it’s usability. 

Now the laptop sizes are broadly classified into the following categories:

11-12 inches – Hands down the thinnest, the smallest, the lightest laptops that are the best suited if you are planning to just move around with the laptop in your hands. What I mean to say is, they are quite easily portable.

13-14 inches – This size is possibly the right mix of usability and portability. They offer a decent size and are not at all heavy to carry around either.

15-16 inches – These are the most common ones in terms of size. They offer a relatively large screen, which is a great thing, but then again you can’t always carry it around with ease.

17-18 inches – Don’t carry it around and you will be fine. No seriously. If you just want it to stay put at a desk and perform all your work there, then these serve as a great size choice because the screen is relatively big and apt for gamers.

So see how portable you want your laptop to be and put your finger on the right size.

Keyboard and Touchpad: Now you don’t want to go wrong here in any case. Particularly if you are buying a laptop to accomplish a whole lot of work on it. Always check that the keyboard keys are swift, they should be soft on your fingers, and the key travel offered should also be more ( key travel is the depth to which a key goes down when pressed ), also there should be enough space between the keys. 

Talking about the touchpad, you don’t want a jumpy cursor. So make sure about it, and also that the touchpad responds swiftly to multitouch gestures, for example – pinch to zoom. 

Notebook components: Always be mindful of the notebook components like the processor, the hard drive, RAM, the graphics chip and so on. Looking at them step by step to make it clearer.

CPU – Everybody knows that the CPU is the brain of the computer. Therefore you really need to get your hands on a good for, because that is how the performance of your laptop is going to be. 

RAM – There are some laptops that come with just 4 GB RAM, which is very less, let alone enough. You should always go for at least 8 GB RAM, and even more if that’s your need. For the people who are the utmost power users, you can go for 64 GB RAM. 

Hard drive – This is the storage drive. But if you can, try to get hands-on a solid-state drive rather than a hard drive. Why did you ask? Well, it’s because a Solid-state driver will offer 3 times the speed and much faster performance.

Display – Now who doesn’t want a great display, no matter what the size of your laptop. Right, everybody does. More pixels means more stuff on your screen which means your picture looks sharper and great. 

Always try to go for the best resolution – 1920 * 1080 that is, Full HD.

Graphics Chip – If you are not planning to use your laptop for any gaming stuff, or high-level video editing ( 3D ) or stuff like that, then the inbuilt chip would work just fine. But if you are, then you would have to make an additional investment.

Ports – Ports are pretty helpful and effortless to make connections, so try to have the majorly used ports inbuilt in your laptop.

Battery life: In any gadget that you buy, battery life is one such thing you have to reckon. “I don’t prefer a good battery life”, said no one ever. A good battery life hurt no one, but if you are going to work primarily on your desk, with your charging socket right beside it, you don’t need to worry about battery life as much. But if you are planning to carry your laptop around or even want to work placing your laptop on your lap only, you should go for the one with good, ideal battery life.

Budget: Just like the battery life and size, budget is one such factor that is fundamental and you have to consider it.

So plan your budget, and if you are getting an even better, nicer laptop with a bit better performance, speed and display, don’t hesitate to invest a little more and get that one. Because as we say, it’s an investment and a good laptop will benefit you for a long long time.

Well, now that you know most of the things that you need to consider before buying a laptop, we hope it’s a bit easier to put your finger on one of all the choices that are out there in the market.

But even if you still have some queries or questions, don’t mind putting them in the comments section below. Till then, here are some frequently asked questions about purchasing a laptop that might be similar to the ones in your mind. So go ahead and take a read.

FAQs About Best Laptop Brand In India

What should I minimally expect in a good laptop?

Well, as mentioned there are a lot of things to consider and except in a good laptop. Some of which is the size which is based on how portable you want your laptop to be. Battery life, which will be determined how and where you want to use your laptop. The storage size and RAM ( which should at least be 8 GB for a good use). You can also decide on how many ports you’d like on your laptop. 

How long should a laptop I buy last for?

Well, each laptop comes with different specifications and built. But on an average, a good laptop should at least last for 4-5 years.

Which laptop should I buy? 

Well, we have put here a review of the best brands of laptops available out there. We have also specified the major pros and cons of each and all that it offers. 
To help you understand even better and narrow down your choices, we have also made a detailed buyer’s guide of all the things to consider before buying a laptop. 
So go through both of them and after that, the laptop that best suits your preferences should be bought.


So here was as an article about Best Laptop Brand In India. We hope that we answered all your requires about best laptop brand in india.

Buying a laptop, or any gadget for that matter is not at all easy. Because electronic devices are not really what we can call cheap. They are taken in use extensively and therefore the choice should be made carefully and wisely. 

A good laptop can really improve your work substantially. 

To mention some of its benefits, it can be carried around, it’s fast, some can even be used as tablets and they work just as good as desktops but only desktops that you can take anywhere with you. 

So yeah, now you know all about the best brands of laptops out there, you know what factors to consider before making a purchase, so don’t waver, go ahead and make that hat investment. Buy that laptop. And thank us later.

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