15 Best Helmet Brands In India (2021)

Best Helmet Brands In India

Searching for the Best Helmet Brands In India?

With the new order being issued in a lot of states, NO Helmet NO Petrol, it is quite mandatory to wear helmets, although shouldn’t have had to be forced on some people. Your safety resides in your own hand, in this case also on your headgear. 

It is quite adventurous in riding a bike or a motorcycle. The thrill of speed on cruising on two wheels gives with another level of serenity. It is good to remember that with all this, comes a fair share of mishaps too.

A helmet is just a part of the protection that you can take against those mishaps, and it’s solely the rider’s responsibility to not face such issues and always wear a helmet. Also not wearing a helmet can lead to monetary fines in several cities in India.

Buying a helmet is just a fashion material for some, while for others it is a necessary item for safety. And if you are amongst those who wear a helmet considering it necessary for safety, then this article is for you.

As during a crash, the design of the helmet and integrity of its structure will determine the extent of your injury. Also if you will walk out alive or not, in some cases. And also it is good to keep in mind that the injuries to the head and neck are the major cause of death, in any road accident and in some cases disabilities.

So waste no time in buying a good quality helmet,if you don’t have yet. And if you have, check if it is of the standard quality and correct for you. So here is the list of Best Helmet Brands In India.

15 Best Helmet Brands In India

This Karnataka based brand has been operating since 1982. They are now an established brand as well as widely popular too. They make some of the cheapest helmets in India. Owing to their widest variety of products, they are the helmet makers that have largest sales in India.

They have expanded their products spectrum over the years and now they also sell other necessary motorbike accessories like goggles, scarves and side boxes. Vega helmets generally cost somewhere between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 3,000. 

The Steelbird Pvt. Ltd, is an epitome of how a modest family business became a now renowned brand. The products of Steelbird are known to be reliable, robust and cost-efficient. They are the inventors of the classic golf-ball-shaped “bieffe” helmets, that are generally worn by senior citizens. This brand has four product lines, namely- Steelbird, Ares, Steelbird Air and Ignyte.

The Steelbird is a brand that makes affordable helmets of full-face, half-face and modular designs. What makes them attractive is, their sharp, aerodynamic design, made keeping in mind the newer generation. Their more rounded, sharp-chin designs from the Ares line, are quite similar to the helmets from European and American brands.

They sell motorcycle riding gears under the Ignyte line. They also provide helmets with hands-free microphones. Their product ranges from Rs. 1,000 to Rs, 4,000.

Studds is amongst the very old helmet manufacturers in India. They have two product lines, namely- the original Studds and the premium one under the name SMK. the company had begun their operations in 1973, and now are also referred to as the world’s largest helmet manufacturer.

They sell products over more than 35 countries. Their focus is mainly on the innovation and quality of the helmet. They offer both stylish helmets as well as functional accessories. They provide helmets in full face, half face and flip up designs. Their most popular is the Shifter, whose price is around Rs. 2,000 and comes with features like an inner sun visor, a comfort liner and upto five chin vents. Their other products range from Rs. 850 to Rs. 2,165 .

This global brand is known for its contribution in it’s products Research and Developments as their success is based on three main factors- precision assembly, in-house knowledge and control over its quality. They also offer a large variety of designer helmets. Though, buying a genuine LS2 product can be very difficult because of the presence of so many duplicates in the market.

That shows how much the brand is popular in India. LS2 has been in the market for quite a long time and they have made their name for making tough, comfortable and safe helmets. Their comfortable liners, the built quality and their easy to operate locking mechanisms, are the real catch for the customers.

As there is a problem of differentiating in a fake and a real product, so they are setting up a number of authorised outlets. And also they make various other motorcycle apparel.

This pioneer brand has been a leading manufacturer in motorcycles as well as its accessories. Their helmets are neither very heavy nor very expensive, like their motorcycles, but nonetheless, they look quite cool. They make some pretty standard helmets, although what’s making them stand out, is their helmet’s thicker inner layer which is because of the additional foam shell.

Though this extra foam makes the helmet look ungainly, it is useful for thermal insulation and impact absorption. They make helmets that are unisex and can be used in all seasons. They also make helmets from Carbon fibre, which is an added advantage for the brand. Their range goes from Rs 800 to Rs. 8,000 . 

Generally, people riding Royal Enfield prefer to wear their helmets only, as the helmets are available in different colors and sizes that match the bike’s design.

With its headquarters in Taiwan, TTH stands for Tong-ho-Hsing. They are known for making nice, comfortable, rounded, light-weight and good for ventilation. They also use high quality raw materials. Although, when they launched in India, one could buy them online only, but now you will find them in every next riding gear shop.

As it is mentioned earlier, THH helmets are smaller and more round in shape, making it lighter and easy to store, in comparison to other helmets. Customers take pride in the long life of the THH helmets and in the build quality.

THH generally comes up with new designs and innovations continuously. The brand aims in making 10000helmets daily in India. A THH helmet generally costs around Rs. 2,500, but the safety it provides is worth the amount.

SMK brings the technologically advanced helmets and it is the premium helmet line from the brand of Studds, which is the third biggest manufacturer after Vega and Steelbird. They are a bit expensive, as their prices start from Rs. 4,000 and go upto Rs. 10,000 . What’s different about SMK helmets is that they are ECE certified.

Some of their eye catching features are in-helmet sun shades, pin-lock visors, lockable air vents, an aerodynamic shape and comfort padding. If used properly, these SMK helmets can be used upto three years. They are not only safe but their attractiveness is commendable too. Their conceptualisation and designing is done in Europe.

This American brand is popular for their clothing and accessories, but their helmets are also a hit. They offer half face, full face and open face helmets in India. They are quite stylish as well as cheap too.

Aerostar helmets are very pocket friendly and they have considerable presence in between the riders and also they offer very-good quality helmets.

The headquarters of Aaron Pvt. Ltd is in New Delhi. What made their presence felt in the Indian market is their quality, innovation and researches have made this brand a prime player in the helmet market. Their bluetooth helmets to Moto-X helmets are quite famous among customers along with their colorful spread and vibrant designs of the helmets.

This is an American brand, also known as G-Max and most people have not heard about them and if you did, you would think of them as one of the best lids on sale. They come within a very narrow price band, Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 7,000 .

Some of the features of the Sol helmets are DOT-approved design, all-round visibility, attractive color scheme and are very safe for riding. What’s more is that they come with nineteen air vents and also the inner liner is made of cotton, which is quite advantageous for India’s humid weather.

Their helmets come with optically corrected visors that help in reducing glares during both day and night. Because of their water-based paints that generally don’t fade away, and if maintained well , these can last for years. Their all helmets come with the same shell size, they only differ in the thickness of the cheek pads. So if your helmet loosens up, no need to get a new one, just change the pads.

Axor is another product line from Vega, just like SMK from Studds. Their main focus is on designing helmets that are racing-inspired within your budget, which results in their helmets having the design with a rounded shape, followed by a wider front end and a cropped chin. What’s more is that their helmets come with DOT and ECE 22.05 certifications.

Axor helmets by default come with a lock strap and an anti-fog film can be added to the visor. Their Apex series- is a lot different from your everyday helmet- as they come with a removable gear spoiler, which is it’s first time in India, these types of technologies or advancements are used in Moto-GP racing. Even with all these world-class features, it is very pocket friendly, with their prices ranging from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 6,000 at the most.

This helmet brand has been serving its Indian customer for the last forty years. This brand has been providing helmets not only for motorcycles but for cycles, auto( car racing) segments as well. This brand’s helmets are known to be durable, fashionable and comfortable.

This Indian brand is actually a part of the TP industries. They have been serving since 1993. They are known to make quality-conscious and safe helmets. They sell their sports helmets under the name NXT launched in 2005.

This popular brand started with selling watches and now they have set out to other accessories like eyewears and bags. Their bike helmets are another product line which is as famous because of it’s appealing design.

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Buying Guide To Best Helmet Brands In India

  • Size and the shape of your head

Just like two fingers on our hand aren’t the same, every person has different body structure and personalities and one needs to be aware about the same. They are available majorly in three different types i.e. intermediate oval, round oval and long oval. One can easily determine the shape by observing the head structure on their own or may ask someone else for the same.

You should always check before buying that, the helmet you are wearing isn’t putting pressure on the wrong part of your head, if so, then that shouldn’t be the helmet you should be buying and wearing it during riding.

So, it is important to wear and then determine where the helmet is putting the pressure on your head. The proper size helmet will fit like a crown and prevent unnecessary movements and pull the skin of your scalp and face while removing. 

  • Retention

The ones that provide the best protection are the ones that stay on your head even in the worst condition, and the rest are just adding extra weight on your head. So to check whether it is the one or not, put the said helmet on your head and fasten the straps and try to pull it off from the backside and check whether it rolls out of your head or not.

If it rolls out, adjust the straps and check once again by pulling from the backside and if still the problem persists, then that helmet is not meant for you and surely it is not the helmet for your ride. Generally, half faced and some of modular helmets face the problem with retention and thus one must always check before buying.

  • Visor

It is another important feature to look into, while buying a helmet. It is necessary for you to remember that the visor should be clear for better viewing. Although the smoked and the mercury tinted visor, looks attractive but they provide hindrance in proper viewing and are advised to be avoided.

And if you can pay a bit more, for additional features, it’s better to go for anti-fog and anti-scratch visors. The visors are mainly available in three different types:

  1. Clear Visor- It is the one that is mainly recommended for each and every ride as your ability to view what’s in front of you, is the most important thing. But if you are going to travel through the day, it’s good to carry a spare dark visor without as, during the day it will protect you from the harsh glares of the sunlight.
  2. Smoke/ dark Visor- it ranges from completely dark visors from light smoke visors. Although they are beneficial while driving in broad day lights, they are bad while driving in low light and it’s not advisable to wind up your visor while riding.
  3.  Iridium visor- They are mainly reflective visors, generally available in either silver or multicolor options. So if you don’t want anyone to know where you are looking, you may go for this, but just for show doesn’t add benefit to the visors.
  • Proper cushioning

What is the main purpose of the helmets? It is to protect your skull from any injuries during any fatal accidents or crashes. And that’s where the inner cushioning of the helmets plays a vital role.

It is an absolute necessity to check for the proper cushioning of the helmet that can absorb any force in a significant manner. Also keep in mind that the inner surface should not be flat or else it won’t be able to provide proper protection during any accidents. 

Safety is the first and comfort is the second most important thing. Cushioning is also required for more comfort. You need to check that the cheek pads are touching the cheeks comfortably, also see to it that there is no gap between your temples and brows pad and finally there shouldn’t be any pressure points on any portion of your head.

Also check that the chin strap comes with cushioning too, so that it does not irritate near your neck.

  • Material of the helmet

The type of material used in making the helmet makes a huge impact on its performance. The common ones are-

  1. Polycarbonate- The major advantage of this material is that it flexes with an impact which helps in absorbing the force. This might help you, during any accident or crash, by absorbing some of the energy during an accident. It is very economical because of it’s cheaper rates.
  2. Fiberglass Composite- Although, it also absorbs energy during an impact, but it’s more effective in doing so than a polycarbonate one. It cracks when struck with sufficient force. So this will ruin the helmet by cracking it open, but it will take up a lot of energy helping in the reduction of the risk of an injury. Although it is moderately expensive, it provides good protection.
  3. Carbon Fibre- It is the most expensive material available for making helmets and is the best option too. This material absorbs energy on impact and redistributes it throughout, which helps in protecting your skull during any accident. So if you can afford, it’s better to go for this.
  • Look for the ISI mark

There are a variety of helmets available in the market of different brands and each manufacturer claims to provide the optimal protection through their helmets, to the riders.

But the big boss is the ISI (Indian Standard Institute) mark, and indian government advises not to wear any under that standard, which you need to look for on the helmets as it will actually guarantee you the quality and optimum protection. An ISI mark or logo on the helmets will provide you the assurance that the particular helmet from that brand abides by all the respective quality standards set by the Institution.

Keep in mind that an ISI certified helmet will cost you more than a normal one without any ISI certification. But it is probably for your best, that you get the one which matches all the quality standards and is ISI certified too.

Although it is better to look at the other mentioned factors along with the ISI logo. The mark does not guarantee you safety but just the standards and the above mentioned factors are the one which makes all the difference for ensuring the rider’s safety.

But the ISI mark is the standard, there are levels above it : DOT, ECE, Snell, SHARP rated helmets.

There are several helmets with the DOT or ECE certification in the market and are generally available at a similar or slightly higher price to that of ISI marked helmets. And it is advisable to check for the SHARP marking as in this quality testing, the helmets are taken up from the market and tested and if found in order, then certified. So the results are more practical to any other. But it’s good to keep in mind that having an expensive helmet won’t guarantee you safety.

Additionally, it should be seen that proper air vents are there so as to take away the hot air from inside the helmet to outside. And also check it has less wind noise while riding.

Sometimes after buying a helmet, you discover pressure points on your head, which can lead to headaches etc., this can be known just after an hour of riding. Also, make sure that your chin isn’t touching the chin bar of the helmet and there is enough room for opening and closing your mouth.


As you can see there are a lot of brands providing the best helmets. Now, it’s up to you to buy the best one for you, by checking the factors. Also try not to spend an unnecessary hefty amount for your helmet. And make sure to wear a helmet on everytime you ride your motorcycle.

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