4 Best Graphics Card Under 15000 In 2021

Best Graphics Card Under 15000

Seaching for the Best Graphics Card Under 15000 then we made a list of Best Graphics Card Under 15000.

The display of your laptop or monitor, not according to your liking? Just use a small device, called a graphics card, and experience viewing like never before for watching videos or for gaming.

Graphics cards are the computer peripherals that enhance and increase the gaming performance on your PC or help in better video editing or your everyday display( although buying just for normal display, is a waste of money).

Graphics cards are also known as Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), for the whole unit , and also as Visual Processing Unit(VPU). So, without further delay, let’s get into the factors needed to be checked before buying one. So here is the list of Best Graphics Card Under 15000.

4 Best Graphics Card Under 15000

1. ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

This product has the NVIDIA GTX 1050 series core processor, from the brand of Zotac. This is a high performance graphics card that can be used for a variety of functions. This graphics card has a 4GB VRAM, for smoother and even execution, which is sufficient for HD gaming experience.

The most essential feature of the graphics card is its operating frequency. The max boost possible for this GeForce GTX 1050 is 1393 MHz which is faster than any in the GTX 1050 series and with the Pascal architecture it is bound to deliver improved performance and power efficiency.

Another spectacular feature is that it comes with two cooling fans, which reduces any chances of overheating, which is a prime necessity for the OC edition, which is enhanced in cooling and thus can be easily used by hard- core gamers. This coupled with 4GB RAM and 128- bit interface, you can experience smooth gaming like never before. 

The card comes with triple display facilities, which is a plus point for the gamers. Although this is quite costly, with all the features it has, every penny is worth it.


  • It comes with powerful and smooth 4GB GDDR5 RAM
  • It has the memory clock speed of 1393 MHz, for faster image projection.
  • Has a 128 bits bus width.
  • It comes with a power rating of 300 W
  • Comes with plug-in card
  • And also it has dual fans, to avoid overheating


  • There have been complaints about it starting to lag after sometime.

2. Cerberus-GTX1050Ti-O4G

This graphics card from the brand of Asus ,also comes from NVIDIA’s GTX 1050 series. What makes it different from others is the high- performance capabilities. It is from the OC edition as well, which means it can be used for a longer period of time without any issue of overheating and also it comes with dual fans.

The memory clock speed in this case is 1455 MHz, which rectifies the image lag and lessens the latency faster than any other graphics card and provides gaming experience like none other graphics card.

Also with its 4GB RAM , the graphic card is on roll and definitely a good addition to your PC. But the eye catcher remains it’s restriction of overheating facility and also an eminent memory clock speed.

And another main thing is that it requires around 75W of power supply to function, which is pretty energy -efficient. 


  • This graphics card has the best memory clock speed with 1455 MHz, providing an awesome experience due to no image time lag. And also the rendering time is short for editing flawlessly.
  • This OC edition enables reducing overheating and also has two dual fans 
  • Also this graphics card runs on lower power supply as it needs 75W power only
  • With its 4GB GDDR5 RAM and 128 bit bus width, you experience smooth gaming like never before
  • Also it is much affordable than the others with similar features
  • It comes with three years warranty


  • Some customers have reviewed that the GPU goes bad after a time and their customer care facility is not upto the mark.
  • The process of installation is not a very easy one

3. MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti: Best Graphics Card Under 15000

Another one with NVIDIA’s GTX 1050 series graphics card. This should be the go getter for your computer. It comes with 4 GB GDDR5 RAM and 128 bit bus width and the memory clock speed of 1341 MHz which can be extended upto 1455 MHz, but only if you know how to do it and do it safely, although even without the extension it will provide a high end smooth performance. 

Also with the features, you won’t observe any delay in images and deliver a seamless gaming experience. Although this is not from OC edition, it still comes with dual fans which still impressively reduces overheating. Also this graphics card is pretty energy- efficient as it requires only 75W power supply. The dual fans also manage the internal sound effectively.

This 4GB graphics card is pretty good, maybe sufficient even, for playing games in HD (1080 pixels) quality.


  • Comes with a 4GB GDDR5 RAM with 128 bit bus width, for smoother performance.
  • The memory clock speed is 1341 MHz which is expandable upto 1455 MHz which provides smoother image transition during gaming and other visuals.
  • Very energy efficient with a power requirement of 75W.
  • Has dual fans which manages internal sound as well as overheating.


  • Customers have complained about it lagging in its performance after a certain time.
  • Also it shows the problem of heating after some time of using it.

4. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

From a well known brand in the field of techs. Again this is a NVIDIA’s GTX series graphics card. This has 4GB GDDR5 RAM with a maximum frequency boost of 1430 MHz. What makes it different from other graphics cards is that it can support upto 8K resolution, while others more or less support HD resolution. 

The Shader Cores of this NVIDIA teched graphics card, known as CUDA, is 786. And as we know, higher is the value of Shader Core better is the pixel resolution and more enticing are the visuals. It can support newer games with 1080 pixels with 60 fps screen refresh rates.

The graphics card, although a moderately powered GPU, is the best one.

The graphics card comes with only one cooling fan, but that is easily made up by the fact it comes with new Pascal technology of NVIDIA, which is developed for better efficiency and performance. 

This graphics card provides you real-time gaming with smooth graphics and zero time lags.

This graphics card is also available in its 2 GB variant and is compatible with DirectX and it supports the latest GeForce gaming features.


  • It has a powerful 4GB GDDR5 RAM and 128 bit bus width, for smoother performance.
  • This graphics card supports 8K resolution display at 60 fps for gaming.
  • It is compatible with the latest DirectX 12 feature.
  • The shader core of this graphics card , CUDA, is 768, which is pretty awesome.
  • The maximum frequency boost for this graphics card is around 1430 MHz.
  • It is available in both 2 GB and 4 GB variants.
  • It is embedded with Pascal technology of NVIDIA, for smoother and efficient performance.


  • It comes with only one cooling fan, which is not very effective in reducing the problem of overheating
  • Also the power supply this small device is quite high, around 300 W
  • The visor, that protects the GPU, is of low quality.

Buying Guide TO Best Graphics Card Under 15000

Factors to consider before buying the Best Graphics Card Under 15000

  • Price

As it does not make sense to use a cheap part in an expensive machinery or the vice- versa, in the same way, you don’t want to use an expensive graphics card on a cheap computer. It is recommended to buy a graphics card which is at least thirty percent of the cost of the total PC assembly so that it makes sense.

With the higher amount you pay, the better is the performance of the GPUs. It is commendable to mention that a great GPU will enable you to seamlessly edit a 4K video as well as play games at higher resolution.

  • Cooling and space available 

Graphics card generally produces a lot of heat and the output value is displayed through it’s TDP value and the mentioned value should play an important role while buying a new graphics card.

The higher is this TDP value, more fans will be required in your computer to cool the system and keep in mind that the fans require extra space and price, so the value of TDP is important to be known. The smaller computer requires a graphics card of lower TDP and the bigger computer can have either of the two TDPs. 

TDP depicts the amount of power required to maintain the GPU at an acceptable temperature. The more power the graphics card requires, the more heat will be generated. So it is better to go for the graphics card with a smaller TDP value.

  • Power 

It is important to know whether the power supply of the computer is enough for supplying power to the six pin or the eight pin connectors of the graphics card. This problem can be easily fixed by using Bronze PSU having certification of 80 Plus.

It is important to mention that, directly connecting your powerful graphics card with the computer’s expansion plot is not enough. Generally, most of the powerful mid- range cards and the high- performance cards require exclusive connections to the computer’s power supply as well.

The pins on the graphics card, if not connected to proper cables, will not allow the computer to reboot. And this makes it increasingly important to know that your power supply can power the graphics card as it is not uncommon for the lower power supplying points to have enough power to run the high- end graphics card. So check the minimum wattage supply required by the graphics card before buying.

  • Memory

Most of the graphics card comes with video RAM of two to twelve gigabytes. Although some say the memory does not matter that much, but we would recommend you check that out too, before buying.

The anti- aliasing operations, that removes jagged edges from the objects, are there in video card memory, along with other properties to make the image come alive, and makes the memory of the graphics card an important feature.

The video memory plays an important role in maintaining the image quality for the gamers so that they are able to play in higher resolution.

So it is recommended that if you have eight gigabytes of RAM, it is better to get a four gigabytes graphics card, for getting optimum performance. 

And also most of the high- end graphics cards come with higher memory by default. Unless you are using ultra- high resolution like 4K or using multiple monitors, the quantity of the RAM won’t make much difference.

What needs to be checked for is GDDR3 or GDDR5, which is the card’s dedicated memory, and the GDDR5 provides twice as much bandwidth of GDDR3 clocked at the same rate.

  • Bandwidth

You might ask, why do you even need to know about this factor. It is because this bandwidth is the most important of all, because the bandwidth of a graphic card determines the amount of memory it can access at any given time, but don’t confuse it with the memory of the GPU.

For a graphics card with higher bandwidth, the data is fed faster to the shader cores, which in turn helps in smooth execution of the video graphics and games. The combination of bus(interface) width with memory speed provides the bandwidth.

  1. Clock speed of the graphics card- It is responsible for the input lag, latency and frame rate. It is measured in MHz. generally a graphics card can read 6 bits of information at a time. And to speed up things, there are better graphics cards present which can read more than one chip at a time.
  2. Bus width- Suppose a graphics card can generally read 64 bits at a time, but it is ready 124 instead of just 64, then the bus width is said to be 64 x 2. 

So it can be said that with a 3000Hz RAM and 128 bits graphics card, the GPU is supposed to have a bandwidth of 48G/s.

  • Shader Cores

In most simple words, shade cores are the flexible mathematics pipelines. The single computational resource that receives the instruction(shader program) and executes that in order to maintain the polygon vertices and the pixels within a scene.

The bandwidth of a graphics card is highly influenced by the Shader Cores. Shader Cores have different names. The AMD one goes by Stream Processor, Imagination has Pipelines and NVIDIA has CUDA Cores.

Shade Cores basically add variation of lights and dark to the 3D object of the graphics. The more is the Shader Cores in the graphics card, the faster and better is the image furnished. Although, there have been instances where a graphics card with lower Shader core has better image quality in the video games.


This is not a very important factor, as both of them use almost similar technologies. It is important for the detail- obsessed gamers, who are going to be very concerned about the details in graphics when using an AMD card or on the NVIDIA product. Mainly people are just concerned about whether the game looks real or if there are any laggy movements in the video game.

Moreover, it’s good to keep in mind that if you are on a tight budget, AMD is the one for you. Although AMD’s most powerful graphics card, Radeon RX Vega 64, is powerful, yet competitively priced, mid- range and has high- end GPUs.

But in comparison to NVIDIA’s recent product, the AMD one is less powerful. Also nothing can beat NVIDIA at performance, only backlog is their hefty price. 

  • GPU

GPU is the graphics card’s processing unit, and it is what determines the graphics card’s video performances. The higher the number, the better is its working, as it is more recent and more powerful.

  • Length

The length would not have mattered if the computers were like two foot talls, as they were in the previous days. But now that the PCs are available in varying smaller sizes, all graphics cards might not be able to be used in all PCs. The more powerful the graphics card, the longer it is in size and much less viable to be set in smaller PCs.

The graphics card, Radeon HD 6990, is the longest at 12.5 inches, and can not be used in smaller computers. So it is very important to keep this in mind while buying a graphics card for your smaller computer, and the choices are limited in that case.

  • DirectX

Graphics cards support many versions of Microsoft DirectX collection of advanced programming interfaces (API), which offers different processing and graphical features. This feature is important for the detailed- gamers, but it is important to note that the game will look more realistic with the higher version on DirectX the graphic card comes with. The AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards come with DirectX version 11.

  • Multi card setup

This information is again those uncompromising games.For the motherboard of your computer has more than one PCe x 16 expansion slot, then you probably will be able to add the second, third graphics card, which will greatly change your computer’s performance.

AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards generally have the technology to link two or more cards. Although it is worth mentioning that, if more than one graphics card is used, it should be having almost similar GPUs and at times get the cards from the same manufacturer though.

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We find a lot of options of good graphics cards in the market, buy why go for good, when the best is available within your reach?

We listed the best of best graphics cards available under 15000 bucks, pretty affordable and sturdy choices.

But we need to keep in mind that the graphics card which is the best for one, might not be the choice of the other, owing to the different usages of graphics card and the differences of the requirements of the customer.

While buying the best graphics card for you, the brand of the graphics card, the VRAM size of the GPU, the memory clock value, the Shader Core values ( CUDA for NVIDIA and Stream Processor for AMD) and also price.

Although it is said that AMD’s graphics cards are more pocket friendly, but not so good in performance, in comparison to NVIDIA. But as you can see in the list, all of them have NVIDIA technologies, cause why not? They are better in performance and at the end of the day, you want the output only, even if it costs more. But as you can see from the prices listed, they are not heavily expensive, so you are good to go.

The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC Edition is the best choice for the ones, if you are buying the graphics card for gaming as well as video editing, because it is sufficient for 1080 pixels as it has the operating frequency required during gaming. And a Zotac GeForce is sufficient to edit videos and run most of the games available.

It is good to mention that as it is from OC edition, whose main focus is on reducing overheating and along with dual fans, it provides flawless performance and also increases the longevity of the product.

But if you are using the graphics card for your low priced laptop, MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti , as it can be used to play games with high settings because of its screen refresh rate of more than 60 fps. And it’s dual fan technology effectively reduces internal sound as well as the heating.

But at the end it is your choice, so get a graphics card suitable for your device and is within your price range.

Let us know about your experience with your graphics card and tell you which you find the best.

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